From August 17th to August 21st, a number of events were held on campus to commemorate the third anniversary of the Marikana massacre, where 34 mineworkers were killed by police on August 16th 2012. These events were hosted by different forums and societies to discuss issues around the mistreatment of workers in Marikana and to contest UCT’s involvement with Lonmin Platinum Mines, the company for which many of the slain miners worked.

On Saturday, August 8th, a robbery occurred near Liesbeeck Gardens. This incident caused concern amongst students regarding safety beyond the boundaries of the residence.

A bomb exploded on Monday, August 17th, killing 20 people at the Erawan Shrine, a shrine popular with both tourists and locals in central Bangkok, Thailand. Of the 20 people killed, 12 are said to have died on the spot, and more than 120 people were injured.

State of emergency declared in Ferguson 

United States – On August 10th, during a peaceful gathering to commemorate a year since the killing of Michael Brown, one of the protesters, Tyrone Harris, was badly wounded after police opened fire. Police officers stated that Harris had shot at them first. He was charged with assault, which his father says is untrue. The assault coupled with civil disobedience across Ferguson led to authorities declaring a state of emergency.  

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The University of Cape Town has proposed a new smoking policy that aims to guarantee air free of tobacco smoke to all those on the University’s campuses.


The Benefits of Failure and the Crucial importance of Imagination.

Developing an Afrocentric democracy.

The perils of youth drinking culture

Champagne taste on a beer budget.

I don’t celebrate Women’s Day. I will take the day off, but don’t expect to see me enjoying the myriad of advertising campaigns and retail “special offers” that spring up all over the place. Much like Christmas, which the media starts making noise about as early as October, Women’s Day has had the sap squeezed out of it by commercialism.


I never understood the meaning of the phrase “It’s a dog eat dog world” until I was almost drugged, mugged and left for dead in the Bo-Kap. I had put my trust in the wrong people and had I not experienced luck that, in my opinion, was beyond extraordinary- I may not have lived to write this article.

Metro trains.  The mere idea invokes fear in many a person in Cape Town.  These trains just scream “unsafe, unreliable and all round unpleasant” to most people. However, even though this may be true for some train rides, with the tips below I would like to prove the stigma around the Cape Town Metro wrong. 

How the University of Cape Town’s architecture reflects colonial views

Life as a third-year is great. Well, “great” is a loose term, but things are pretty good because you should be getting on with your degree, you know your way around campus (sometimes, even, first year students ask for directions and then you really feel accomplished because clearly you appear very “together”) and you feel nothing (nothing!) at the thought of wearing last night’s tracksuit pants to class.

Tips and tricks for staying anonymous on social media


Post 2015 Women’s World Cup, gender inequality payment has once again caused a storm of controversy. There was an outcry over the fact that the (winning) USA women’s  soccer team received a mere two million dollars, whilst in 2014 the German men’s team walked away with 35 million. The same debate has caused a stir in the WNBA (Women's National Basketball Association), where women’s teams are facing the same degree of inequality. 

In a world dominated by testosterone-fuelled male power, it can be difficult for women to assert themselves as powerful and driven leaders. In recent years oarswomen and coxswains have found the water to be the perfect place to establish gender equality. Rowing allows women to prove their worth powerfully and unabashedly.

This is a sport you probably have never heard of: unless you saw the movie ‘Whip it’. Roller derby is a roller-skating contact sport, where two teams of five players each compete against each other while skating around a track in the same direction. The objective of the game is to score points by lapping (passing) members of the opposing team. Game - play consists of a series of short matchups (called jams) in which both teams designate a ‘jammer’.

Hello, welcome to Edition 9, and happy women’s month to all the incredible women out there. This week, we decided to celebrate women’s sports with not only an entire page dedicated to the celebration of women but also ensuring that every article has a women’s theme. At a time when women are fighting for equality in almost every aspect of their lives, nowhere is this battle more apparent than on the sports field - this is what we wanted to highlight.  

One will always come across a ‘diet plan’ or ‘fitness guide’ when flipping through health magazines. Usually it’s the same old thing with a ‘NEW’ sticker plastered across the front. Come to think of it, there are only a handful of people who find these kinds of plans successful, and I think I’ve found out why.