Professor Sakhela Buhlungu, the Dean of the UCT Humanities faculty, delivered this year’s Annual Marikana Memorial lecture on Wednesday, August 20th, in the Centre for African Studies Gallery. This initiative was started by the UCT Marikana Forum in order to create awareness amongst students regarding the full implications of the “Marikana Massacre”.

The UCT Jammie Shuttle Service will be changing its routes as of Monday, September 8th, with the introduction of a pilot project. This project is intended to cut costs and ensure that the shuttle system will be sustainable for future usage. The new system will undergo a testing period until Tuesday, September 30th.

The Department of Philosophy hosted the UCT Social Equality Conference in the Humanities Graduate building over the weekend of August 15th to 17th. On the Friday, Dean of Humanities UCT Professor Sakhela Buhlungu, briefly introduced the event, stating that inequality is evident in Cape Town and that UCT is in itself part of the issue due to concerns relating to our admissions policy.

UN organise aid to displaced Iraqis
Iraq – The United Nations Refugees Agency is planning an aid operation to assist over half a million people who have been displaced by conflict in northern Iraq. They will send supplies to the displaced by air, road and sea. It is understood that Iraqi forces have recaptured the Mosul Dam, near where the majority have been displaced, from the Islamic State militants.

Three Liberian health workers are receiving an experimental drug, ZMapp, as treatment for Ebola. On Thursday, August 14th, the limited supply of ZMapp drug doses was sent to Liberia, in West Africa, where the number of Ebola deaths was higher than any other African region. The three Africans who received the drug were showing “remarkable” progress, according to a statement by Liberian medical professionals on Tuesday, August 19th.


Should questioning the system and its faults be a legal risk?

You drenched yourself in hope of raising awareness for ALS, aiding the betterment of humanity. And that’s ok. But you did so at the expense of one of humanity’s most pressing and dire crises – water scarcity. And that’s not ok.

Life without Khethiwe, Sibusiso and Queen is inconceivable for some. Overnight, 16 actors have collectively become a poster child, representing South Africa’s creative and performing artists.

Pallo Jordan has recently been found to have doctored his doctorate, and has since resigned from his position as an ANC MP.Jordan does deserve some credit for having a sense of accountability and, in resigning, breaking away from a popular trend to shrug off responsibility.

“We are all Marikana” is a call for UCT to stop its prototypical white liberal fence-sitting and start leading justice, as a community of thinkers should. If we are indeed the best university in Africa, we need to lead ethically.


This was no ordinary night – I was going to Crew.

The zombies are coming. Take shallow breaths, and avoid the city centre

Crushing the Cape winter one row at a time.

Mandela day has come and gone but did you do your 67 minutes?

A student experience with the United Nations


It has been over a month since the 2014 FIFA World Cup came to a close and, as usual, we have moved on with our lives onto other things.

Purists would describe Test cricket as the truest form of the game. It’s a splendid form of cricket which requires mental strength, talent and loads of patience.

Your sporty round up...

Manchester United just can’t seem to stay out of the headlines.

Sports games have become one of the most popular genres of video games.