Looking at the emergency mass meeting held by the SRC regarding a 0% fee increase for next year and the possibility of free education

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We have to embrace the problems that plague this campus just as well as we take the praise that goes with its accomplishments. We must use our individual strengths to make up for the shortfalls and inadequacies that we see and experience. When you care about someone or something, you take on the responsibility of helping them/it, to whatever capacity you can.

Unless you are one of the few students who attend UCT via correspondence (Vula slides for the win!), you would have seen at least one blood drive take place at the Sports Centre and Jammie Plaza during your time here thus far. Signing up to be an organ donor is very closely related to this, yet does not receive the same amount of awareness at UCT.

The most common type of intelligence people focus on is being academically smart, but there are different ways one can prove their intelligence. This means someone can be smart in one field and not in another, as intelligence is not something that can be taught, nor does it encompass a set idea.

As a foodie I am slowly eating my way through Cape Town and have found that finding a restaurant that celebrates South African food is rare. Most would have heard about ‘Mzoli’s’ and ‘Moyo’ but what about ‘aMadoda Braai’ and ‘Bo-kaap Kombuis’? It is evident to me that the vast-majority of Capetonian restaurants celebrate Western cuisine.

Social standards shifted, drug culture evolved among the growing post-WWII youth, and a generation of musicians like the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and The Who challenged the norms of society and music.


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