Given the rapid escalation of violence and the rising death toll in Gaza, in Palestine and Israel, the United Nations called for a ceasefire on Monday July 21st. UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, went to Israel and US Secretary of State, John Kerry, travelled to Cairo, Egypt in an attempt to lead international efforts to secure a ceasefire. Hamas ally Qatar was also working in the background to seek a solution to the conflict.

Jessica Breakey, Transformation Co-ordinator on the SRC, has been the key driving force behind the creation of a new gender-neutral bathroom at UCT. The bathroom is not yet open as it is undergoing some renovations, but it should be fully operational within the next two weeks. It will be located on the bottom level of the Leslie Social Sciences Building.

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On July 17th, the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed in eastern Ukraine close to the Russian border.The plane, which was carrying 298 passengers, was traveling from Amsterdam in the Netherlands to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All passengers aboard were killed in the crash.

In a recent debate about the new admissions policy, 40% of the students who attended voted against the new policy, while 60% voted in favour.


Whether or not we as South Africans are patriotic enough as it is without government trying to bellow the anthem in our ears twice a day is irrelevant; we need to have good reasons to be proud of being South African.

There is a sense of national pride in saying; ‘my country is the first nation in Africa to host the biggest sporting event on the planet!’ So let us not reduce the significance of staging the world cup to just a period of a month as its imprint will lay the blueprint for future success.

I once listened to my peers spend 20 minutes of a class mocking a lecturer’s accent. We automatically assume the degree of person’s intellectual ability according to how well they speak English.

For years, debate about UCT’s race-based admissions policy has lacked a concrete alternative to challenge the claim that race is the best measure of disadvantage. No longer: the University’s new admissions policy has been accepted “in principle” by Council. The policy has been subject to a stunning lack of critical evaluation, leaving unanswered the most important question: is the new policy an improvement on the old?

You can be a journalist online – having your critique on a prominent topic or Kim Kardashian’s outfit. Read, liked, shared, retweeted. But in our offline lives there’s a social etiquette that chastises and limits our freedom of speech.


Helping students succeed.

The beauty of the Big Apple.

The debate around fur.

A comedy club with a punchline.

Gustav takes the road less traveled.


The start of the 2014 FIA Formula One World Championship was a rather gloomy one. The paddock was awash with noise and murmur from fans and drivers alike, mostly as a result of the numbness of the new power units.

Straight from the World Cup in Brazil with an impressive third place finish, Louis Van Gaal is already making headway with his new mandate..

VARSITY Sport recently caught up with Rowan Hendricks, UCT Football’s new Head Coach for an interview regarding this year’s Varsity Football tournament and what he expects to achieve with the team.

The Soccer World Cup has come and gone and while we know that Germany won and Argentina finished runners up, we now need to turn our attentions to world football and the direction it’s heading.

What if all Martial Arts sporting codes met for a scrumming session? Any guesses who the winner would be?