Khanyisa Pinini, previous SRC President and current SRC Vice President Internal, issued the following statement on the SRC Reshuffle.

President Jacob Zuma delivered his annual State of the Nation (SONA) address at the opening of parliament in Cape Town on Thursday, February 12th. The speech focused on key issues facing present-day South Africa such as energy constraints and poor economic growth. The address was preceded and largely overshadowed by a forced removal of Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF), Members of Parliament (MPs) and a subsequent walk out by members of the Democratic Alliance (DA).

The catering company C3 Food Services replaced Fedics as the new residence caterer from January 1st this year, after the previous contract expired at the end of 2014. C3 has been assigned as the new food provider for the next five years, catering to eight UCT dining halls, and the management has assured that there will be a number of changes to the meal system.

The SRC released a statement on Thursday, February 12th confirming the decision to reshuffle the postions of President and Vice-President Internal in the SRC. The motion to reshuffle the SRC was put forward by Mmamalema Molepo, SRC Sport and Recreation Co-ordinator, at a meeting held on Tuesday, February 10th. The vote was done by secret ballot and passed with a two-thirds absolute majority, with 11 in favour, two opposed, and two abstaining. The reshuffling of positions took place on Wednesday, February 11th where SRC members decided who would assume which new position.

5 newsbites summarising national and international current affairs.


On Monday the 19th of January 2015, according to various media reports, waves of violence broke out between locals and foreigners in Snake Park, Soweto.  Verified sources, had confirmed that the violence started when a teenager intending to loot a Somalian shop was shot dead by a Somalian shop owner.

Every morning, Amy takes a stroll down the road to a Jammie stop. She waits in the shade and rolls a cigarette and when the pale blue bus pulls up she moves toward it, not too enthusiastically, but quickly enough to make sure she gets a seat. The shuttle takes her directly to campus where she hops off and walks to her class. She’s a few minutes late so she takes a seat in the back, pulls her stationery out of her bag and checks her phone for messages.

"Tuts, lectures and assignments up to my neck and it’s barely week three of first year. With the stench of nerves whip-lashing through the air, it’s understandable why many freshers tend to feel overwhelmed in the first term of university." Saara Mowlana explores the confusion and anxiety surrounding first year.

Freedom of Speech: How far is too far?

It is time for South Africans to engage once again in a meaningful manner with our government at all levels.


“I think I may have painted myself into a corner of positivity.” These were words by American songwriter/singer Jason Mraz at his concert on 1 March. The artist, currently on tour for his album YES!, was in South Africa for three performances: two nights at Johannesburg’s Montecasino and one  night at Cape Town’s Grand West.

Jess Latham names and explains the many confusing stages of the modern relationship.

The things we do for pride… Some men wake in the morning, prepared to seize the day and live a life of glory and conviction; I am not one of those men.

The organisers of First Thursdays bring you Museum Night Cape Town.

Amina stretches out her R100 and takes a tour of Cape Town’s cheap delights.


While many freshers took their first steps at UCT during O-Week, the Ikeys Cricket team took the field in the inaugural Varsity T20 Tournament. The tournament was hosted by the North-West University at their impressive grounds including the lightning-outfield of the second home for the Bizhub Highveld Lions – Senwes Park.

By the time this goes to press the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup will be in full swing, but it still seems apt to include one of the year’s biggest sporting events in the first edition. Fourteen teams will enter the tournament in Australia and New Zealand, ranging from juggernauts of the sport like Australia and India, to minnows like Afghanistan and Ireland.

Founded in 2008, the annual Varsity Cup has become the country’s most watched university sporting event. There have already been so many memorable moments in the competition, but last season’s astonishing final will certainly have been the highlight for UCT rugby. The Ikey Tigers showed remarkable perseverance and determination to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, scoring three tries in the final eight minutes to win their second Varsity Cup.

Education extends further than just the classroom. The values, lessons and experiences gained from participating in sport prove that it is not only an integral part of education, but is also a major contributor to the all-round education that UCT advocates for. With 35 sports clubs, UCT is blessed with a vast range of activities.

While most UCT students were working hard on their tan and beach bats game UCT sports teams were competing in the annual University Sport South Africa Tournaments in South Africa. UCT sent teams to the USSA Men's Rugby Sevens Tournament, the USSA Aquatics Tournament, the USSA Cricket A-Section Tournament, the USSA Fencing Tournament, the USSA Table Tennis Tournament, the USSA Tennis Tournament and the USSA Yachting Tournament.