The InbeSeason

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By Jessica Fish

Though a fully-fledged student, and a now very competent third year, the one aspect of life in Cape Town that I still haven’t been able to comprehend is the weather! As a little first year, it took a while to adapt the many changes that life as a UCT student presented. I have now come to adapt to these absurdities and have since moved on. The weather and I, well, we still struggle to see eye to eye.

Coming from a tropical hometown, it was either hot and humid, or cold and dry – there was no in-between! Cape Town, on the other hand, seems to have this silly inbeseason, the in-between-season we experience as summer cools into winter. The unpredictable days of drastic weather changes (freezing cold to boiling hot within the hour) are uncanny. They leave us desperately unsure of how to dress or what to wear. With weather this indecisive, it makes dressing for varsity an absolute nightmare.

I understand that Cape Town wants to show off, but do we really need to experience all four seasons in one day?

Upon first experiencing this inbeseason, I was alarmed at how a single day in Cape Town could present the gusty winds of autumn, the cool winter rains, the warm spring mornings, and the scorching summer sun! The weather here was more indecisive than your cranky grandparents trying to settle on a television show to watch.

The first few weeks left me ill-prepared. Thinking the day would be cold, I would end up grouching around campus, grumpily overheating in boots and scarves as the weather took a turn for a warm and sunny day. The inverse was also something I experienced. I was often left cold and wet in a simple summer dress. Thinking it would be a warm day, I sorely missed my jacket and umbrella.

As the season presents itself to me a third time, I have no words of wisdom or offerings of grace to give to you. I could tell you to check the weather each morning, to layer up, or to just try toughen up – but you will find that of little use. Nothing really prepares you for the inbeseason. I am still learning, navigating my way through the silly season of unpredictable precipitation. So good luck, and I’ll see you out there!

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