Summer’s Not that Simple – Revie

By Sue Nyamnjoh

Close your eyes and picture yourself, floating face up in the bottom of the sea. Wrap yourself in white strips of silk which get away from you from time to time as ripples go through the water. Now add in a ray of light beaming onto your person. From time to time, clouds block the sun from setting on your skin. So, slowly you rise from the sea, until you’re floating on her surface, the silk clings more tightly to your skin. Then, carried by the wind, in search of the sun you float away. Now you know what I experienced when I listened to Summer’s Not That Simple.

Released last month, this collection of 11 songs is the debut album of contemporary indie band, Lucy Kruger & the Lost Boys, self-described as “an intimate conversation expressed with a single voice and a sea of guitars.” The band of guitars complements her voice, never overshadowing it. It rings clear throughout the album. Her voice guides us into the world she has pulled us into, calling us softly, yet with insistence, into her world. The melody of the guitar shifts from a soft acoustic strum to a trance-like, almost ritualistic sound and merges with Lucy’s voice to create this chilling music.

Gifted with extraordinary lyricism and song writing skills, every word in this album seems carefully crafted and thought out, layered with depth of meaning. She speaks of the search which reveals the ephemeral nature of things, rising through writing, and describes the fear which holds one back and buries potential. She tells of the endless battle against reason which stifles all creativity, the struggle for liberation, and the regret that fills those unable to answer summer’s call, left to wrap themselves in winter’s shroud. Eventually rebirth comes, through the flames, but one is left wondering how long it will last.

*This album was made available to VARSITY courtesy of Ice Carstens Publicity who represent the interests of Lucy Kruger & the Lost Boys

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