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 A supporter of the #ZumaMustFall protest action’s view

By: Buhle Khumalo

If you are tired of corruption, theft of state funds, a government who does not listen to its constituents, and in favor of financial gain – then it’s time for action! While Mr. President does not show any plans to step down, the opposition parties have brought motions of no confidence against him, thereby attempting to kick him out legally. Several private organizations as well as the opposition parties have arranged protests to force Zuma to step down.

Let us wake up from our deep sleep and rise above our oppressors, who use our nation’s hard-earned money to rule our lives and tell us that we are racist! Incredibly corrupt leaders, not forgetting the large influence of Gupta puppets, rule our nation.

There are so many reasons why I support the movement, #ZumaMustFall, besides others, I believe Mr. President does as he pleases; he does not really care about us. If he did, then he would not have shuffled his cabinet for no good reason. Mr. President vowed to put the people’s interests first, but none of that has ever happened, we only see change when elections are approaching, such as building a “few new RDP houses” and restructuring infrastructure.
By the time someone who is fit for the position, is put there, it will be too late; because our rand is weak, we have a tuition fee crisis, all while the President is out there buying private jets and building private clinics in his yard.

It is very painful, especially to the Blacks, because our parents are being sold dreams, and it is not like there is anything they can do about it. Moreover, I mean that, they use us, black families, to win their votes to be in power, by promising these families: houses, jobs, free education for all, and they know very well that black families are still recovering from Apartheid torture.  Despite being cognizant of this, they do not deliver.

They have failed to deliver for too long. It is time that the people take back their power.

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1 thought on “#ZUMAMUSTFALL

  1. Eric M Tyalo Reply

    It is high time that as South Africans we do away with corrupt and incompetent leaders who are not accountable to the very constituencies who voted them . ANC NEC please wake up otherwise History will judge you act now before it is too late by asking the president to step down or come down to branches who voted you in to power . ANC is no longer pursuing the vission of the people first with their government motto of Batho Pele instead our comrades are pursuing personal wealth no longer people shall share in the country’s wealth . Now it is Guptas 1st and the man who is the custodian of the Constitution to break his oath of office and just say sorry to his NEC and continues to be our president . Zuma must fall – Ramaphosa must Rise for Presidency and Nkosazana Dlamini Rise for Deputy President

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