Mistakes You’re Making with Your Hair and Gym Workout

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By Shelby Labuschagne

Mistakes you’re making with your hair and gym workout!

How to keep your hair fresh after a work out by Shelby Labuschagne

Have your ever looked at your hair after a workout and been upset by what greets you in the mirror? Then I have the cure for you, here are some tips for looking after your hair after a workout session!

The golden rule is to not wash your hair after every workout – no matter how tempting! Too much shampooing of your hair can dry it out and strip away the hair’s natural oils that help keep your scalp healthy. It is recommended that hair be washed every second day with a Sulphate free shampoo. Most shampoos do contain Sulphate, which is known to irritate the scalp and hair by taking away some of the hydration.

Another mistake, is applying dry shampoo at the end of your workout; instead, apply dry shampoo before the workout. This will help prevent excess moisture from drenching your head during the workout. Applying dry shampoo to wet hair, after your workout, isn’t advisable as it will leave behind a cakey residue from the powder-and-water(sweat) mix.

When working out, people often tie their hair in a tight pony tail. This can damage the hair, as a ponytail tied in the same spot repeatedly can cut into the hair shaft, causing fraying of the hair. Instead of a pony tail, try a loose bun, a braid or hair clips!

You don’t have to wash your hair post workout, but it is advised to condition your hair after every workout! Try a leave-in detangler conditioner after every workout when you don’t wash your hair. The salt in your sweat will dry your hair out. Alternatively, you could use peppermint oil. Mix a few drops with water and apply to your scalp after your workout. Peppermint oil is refreshing, smells great and induces hair growth.

The final tip, is try using a detangler brush instead of any old brush. They are designed to detangle your hair without any breakage of the hair itself.

Try and incorporate these tips into your gym routine and reap the benefits almost immediately!


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