The Wonderful Thing About Tigers

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By Chairman Dylan Sims

Ultimate Frisbee! A rather unusual name for a sport. A game that is a cross between Netball and American Football which demands a high degree of athleticism, fitness and skill. One of unique traits of this modern-day sport is that guys and girls play on the same team.

This new sport has taken UCT by storm and has seen exponential growth since its establishment. The club’s base is nestled below middle campus on the Woolsack cricket field. Started in 2008, the club (UCT Ultimate) has seen some of South Africa’s best Frisbee athletes being developed in its training programs. Last year four of UCTU’s members were selected to represent South Africa at the World Ultimate Championship in London.

In South Africa, there are two yearly mixed club national tournaments called ‘Rocktober’ and Nationals. 16 clubs from around the country are invited to attend these tournaments. There is also a local Cape Town league that we participate in. When UCT Ultimate began, it barely could send one team to each of these. Today UCT Ultimate boasts three teams that compete in the Cape Town league. The first UCT Frisbee team was named ‘The Flying Tigers’ and the name has stuck ever since. This year year the Flying Tigers made UCT Ultimate history. Not only did the Flying Tigers manage to secure the Cape Town league title, but this quirky team managed to win both ‘Rocktober’ and club nationals for the first time ever! Winning club nationals is of special significance as it grants the Flying Tigers an automatic bid to attend the World Club Championships in 2018 hosted in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Flying Tigers did not stop at nationals this year. They competed at the All Africa club championships and won it becoming the best club team on the continent. This was soon followed by a first and a second place in Cape Town’s open league.

The Flying Tigers are infamous for their ‘Bouncy-Bouncy’ chant which is a pregame ritual that echoes around the field, installing fear in oppositions. This represents the qualities that UCTU presents; play with high spirit and give everything for your teammates.

UCTU, a club that used to consist of a few passionate individuals that got bullied by other teams, is now a well-respected and skillful club. A club that trains hard, plays hard and has so much fun! This team is sure to be a force to be reckoned with on the international stage and the future looks bright for this exciting young club.

The wonderful thing about Tigers, is Tigers is a wonderful thing!

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