Competitions amongst Friends

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By Shelby Labuschagne

Is competition between friends a good thing?

I know people say that “a little competition isn’t a bad thing” but is this true when it comes to
competing against your friends in a sport? Whether you compete as a lone wolf or part of a sports
team, it is said that humans are mainly a cooperative species, as we aid not only our family but
strangers too. An example is how South Africa pulled together after the Knysna fires, donations
poured in from all over the country. So where does this competitive streak we have come from and
is it a good thing to have when we compete against friends?
Erica Mare a 3 rd year Psychology and Dance students thinks that competition amongst friends is
mostly a good thing. In class, Erica dances with her friends, everyone trying to perfect the sequence
being taught, and says that “the competition”  isn’t so much about who gets the highest mark, but
to push each other to get higher/better marks.” She believes it’s not so much about competition but
rather helping each other be the best that they can be.
From a personal point about pushing yourself she says “the competition is good as you can’t push
yourself if you don’t have anyone to compare yourself with. You set short-term goals in that way and
the gradually progress. I think competition is definitely a good thing, as long as it is a healthy
Hayley a final year Psychology and linguistics student says it is a good thing, although she believes it
depends on your friendship. It can be strenuous but it also depends on the atmosphere e.g. if you
have people pushing you then it could affect the atmosphere, but she has never had this, even
though she has competed against friends her whole sports career. She also feels it is really elevating
as your friends are willing to help you and give you advice and it is more likely to make you
competitive and play more as you are more willing to play with friends rather than a stranger.
Anne Fulton a 3rd year English and Psychology major says “I would say it would be good to learn how
to have healthy competition as it teaches you sportsmanship”.


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