Home-Friendly Fitness Apps

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By Pauline Shrosbee

Do you want to get in shape and look fiiine but you just can’t get yourself to the gym? The easiest fix is right under your nose – just download a fitness app!

Fitness apps are the best, because if you’re too lazy to leave the house (we’ve all been there), or you don’t have a gym membership, you can just work out at home. Often, we skip out on exercise because we don’t think we have time in our day for a real workout, but it’s actually so easy to fit in a 20 minute session between your daily tasks. These three examples are especially student-friendly, because you don’t even need any equipment, although you could make use of some if you want to. Each of these also keep track of your progress by sending reminders as push notifications , or by keeping a daily streak diary – which is seriously motivating! The best thing about these? They’re free.

30 Day Fitness Challenge: This is an app that shows results fast. In just 30 days, you will find that you have lost fat and gained muscle/toning. When setting up, just like the rest of these apps, you can register your weight so that you can keep track of your progress. You can choose what you want to work on – abs, full body, arm, leg – and you can even choose how hard a workout you are ready for. Before you begin your session, you will be given a line-up of the exercises you will be doing and how many will be expected of you. There is a cute digitised trainer who does the workout with you and a Google maps voice who tells you the benefits of each exercise.

7 Fit: This is the one we’ve all seen on Instagram – seven minute exercises that make you work! This app will challenge you to complete 12 exercises for 30 seconds each with 15 second breaks. Each exercise will even have a short YouTube link with specific instructions on how to best complete the movements. These can be quite helpful when you don’t know the names for each workout, but some can be quite long and drawn-out. The worst for me was the famous bikini model teaching me how to do Donkey Kicks, while keeping creepy sexual eye-contact, the whole time. But it can be quite a laugh. Only thing though, is that you need to be prepared to have sore muscles for a day or so after.

Asana Rebel: This one is my favourite. After using this app, I really understood what people mean when they say they feel good after exercise! You feel completely relaxed, and it’s the best answer to stress. The best results come in when you use it every day, and with workouts ranging from 5-25 minutes, it really is easy. When you begin, you choose your fitness plan: Strength, fat burn, flexibility, breathe & relax, or balance & focus. What is important to note is that, although yoga may sound relaxing and laidback, you actually do break a sweat, depending on the session of the day. Often, during the last minute of the workout – the relaxation period – I lie on the floor thinking “But, why?” We know why though, because it works, and more importantly – we feel good.

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