2017’s Best Show’s to Binge Watch

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By Caroline Petersen

Big Little Lies

  • If you’re severely lacking some Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl and have grown up a little bit, Big Little Lies is for you. This series won big time at the Golden Globes, peeking into the lives of wealthy mommies and the secrets that they keep behind closed doors.


Dear White People

  • Hitting close to home, Dear White People explores a group of diverse students navigating their way through an incredibly white Ivy League college. Institutional racism, discrimination, and revolutions are explored while friendships and relationships come under the microscope.


The Handmaid’s Tale

  • A dystopian series looking into womxn, whose only role in the theocratic dictatorship is to bare children. Womxn are seen as second class citizens, objects, and severely punished if they chose to deny this role. A scary, analytical look into the role of womxn leaving you wondering how far from the truth this series really is…



  • If you haven’t seen it already, you don’t need to because everyone on social media probably spoilt it for you already. Taking a spin on the vintage Archie comics, the classic gang try to investigate strange happenings in their town, a murder, and all the trivialities that come along with an addictive teen drama.


13 Reasons Why

  • A highly controversial story about a girl who commits suicide leaving behind thirteen tapes, representing thirteen people who pushed her to her edge. As her last act, she instructs all of them to listen to the reasons why she killed herself. Love it or hate it –we have got to see what all the fuss is about.


American Horror Story: Cult

  • A new chapter in the anthology series. AHS: Cult is a trippy look into a dystopian United States. It wouldn’t be American Horror Story without delving into the unknown, frightening, and taboo…so what’s better than the election of Donald Trump?


Stranger Things 2

  • As the sequel to the critically acclaimed and well loved Stranger Things, we eagerly await October 27th. We haven’t seen it yet, but we know it’s going to be good.


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