Jammie shuttle shenanigans

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By Jessie Leverzencie

We have all taken a Jammie at some point or other, whether to get to and from campus in the mornings and afternoons; or to escape from campus during a free period. Those Jammie Shuttle rides are an everyday part of the majority of our university experiences. But have you ever been audience to or participant to some crazy and bizarre happenings on a Jammie before? Here´s a list of some weird happenings on UCT´s Jammies:

¨There were bloody footprints on the floor of the Jammie once¨- Tyra Khan

¨I got offered sweets one time by a UCT staff member. We both just sat there eating sweets.¨- Claire Keiffer-Walker

¨ I saw a guy who looked exactly like me once. Like if I was a guy, I would look exactly like him. We both just stared at each other in shock.¨- Alana Schreiber

¨A friend and I randomly broke into dance to Beyoncé on a Jammie once, during first year when housecom interrogations were happening. It got really lit.¨ -Merosha Govender

¨I went on a jammie in a gown. I was heavily judged… students are ruthless. There was once during the time of Ikeys crushes where some random girl came up to me and said she knew so much about me. It was scary. I didn´t come to campus for a week.¨ -Lerato Mokhethi

¨I was walking to the Tugwell Jammie when I saw this guy running from security, who were shouting ´vang hom! Vang hom!´. As we got onto the Jammie, we could see how the security guards rugby tackled and handcuffed the guy. He apparently stole R65 000 from someone.¨ – Jennifer Worthington

¨I´ve been drunk a couple times on a jammie before.¨- Tessa Knight

¨I did a photoshoot on a jammie once…well I didn’t, but that would be cool right.¨- Zhea Jordaan

UCT Jammie Shuttles, you have transported us; taught us the art of balance (this goes out to all of you who have had to stand on a Claremont Jammie before…case rested) and have allowed for some funny, bizarre and utterly memorable occurrences. We thank you.


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