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By Kaamil Adams

Not quite a university student, yet, but I’m pretty sure some international
tertiary giants will be after this sporting talent soon. Dean Solomons will
complete his matric certificate while in the Netherlands. So relax, this
article deals with a future Ikey.

With the boys in green and gold always giving us something to whine
about, here’s a kid giving us hope, a dream, and a hella local scream.
Eighteen-year old Dean Solomons of Plumstead High School will taste
the spoils of Benny McCarthy and Steven Pienaar when he joins four-
time Champions league winners Ajax Amsterdam this coming season.

Before the media could close Dean down VARSITY Sports managed to
run the gap and squeeze a few minutes in with the recent star before his
departure to the Netherlands.

“I was not just good at football, I actually enjoyed it.” The confidence
speaks for itself. Dean picked up the sport through his surroundings. He
explains how it was and still is the talk around the table and the
environment among peers and later players. Dean also feels the talk has
developed his communication skills on the pitch with regards to his
position as a defender. “I think one of my main strengths is my ability to
organize the defence and also my ability to read the game.”

Dean’s position as a defender has clearly been well praised and defies
the social outlook on strikers and consistent goal-scorers as the ‘stars’ of
the team. “Strikers win matches and defenders win championships”,

Dean says on his role as a defender and the importance of them in a

With ongoing gang violence and related crimes within our communities
the football fanatic expresses how his family and their background
transformation has encouraged and only motivated his football career.

With one goal achieved Dean says he has no plans on stopping just
there. The next goal for the local youngster is to appear in the first
eleven line-up of the team. This of course will not be an easy task, as
Ajax Amsterdam manager, Marcel Keizer, is by no means easy to

Everything to prove, talent to showcase, and community to represent,
Dean without a doubt will do his family, coaches, and ex-team proud, but
more importantly the city of Cape Town as we know this great place to

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