eSports: Should it be an Olympic Sport?

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By Rayhaan Suleiman

To be honest, I think that eSports should be part of the Olympic sports system. It will allow the Olympic
world to be diverse by including a part of the electronic world, given that the world is currently moving
in that direction.
Initially I thought that it shouldn’t be, but with extensive research, my opinions and notions have been
swayed. There is stiff competition is in eSports, as well as a vast untapped population of fans that would
love to see their passion progress onto bigger things. Jay Puryear, director of brand development at
Trearch, believes that it has potential. “Time is the only thing holding it back,” says Puryear.
eSports is also making a great stand on its own. It has a large fan base, many different kinds of game
genres, and a lot of brain activity involved regarding serious strategic planning. Yes, this may sound like
usual sport activity, however, e-sports is in a league of its own. When it comes to e-sports, my opinion is
split in two ways: as a gaming enthusiast, I like the fact that there are people who want to make the
Olympics more diverse. But, at the same time, eSports is doing amazingly well in its own league, which is
There are no hard facts stating that it is a taboo for eSports to join the Olympics (especially given that
the Olympic Committee seems to take on almost any and every popular sport). Some people go on as if
it would be the end of the world for eSports to join the Olympics, an example being, an ESPN
commentator saying that he would quit his job the day something like eSports joins the Olympics. An
attitude like this, in my opinion, is an unacceptable one.
In the sporting world, we get the bullies, as well as the people who support the idea, I mean how else
did Chess become a sport? Chess is considered to be a sport in some literature, for example, the
publication Sports illustrated, which used to cover sports up until the 70’s. Although chess was not a big

point of interest, it was revered to a sport nonetheless. If chess can do it, then eSports should stand a
good chance.
Physicality is often a big thing when it comes to sport. "Shooting sports and archery are the least taxing,
physically , and I know the folks in archery and marksmanship would be angry at me for saying that,"
says Dr. Mark Dyreson, a professor in kinesiology at Penn State University. It’s evident that the level of
physicality almost dictates how much of a ‘sport’ a sport can be, and that is why eSports is still debated.
However, eSport development has grown despite this debate. For example, Norwegian schools now
offer eSports classes as part of school sport curriculum. Furthermore, there are even international
competitions that pay out millions in prize money, to competitors. The industry has even begun
implementing anti-doping regulations, which is one of the requirements for international Olympic
Committee admissions. Perhaps the next Olympic Games will see some gamers among the athletes!

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