Ikeys: Where are They Now?

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Anonymous Writer

For almost 100 years, the Ikeys have been fighting their intervarsity rivals, Maties, to be the
best rugby institute in the Cape.  Three years after a glorious Varsity Cup Win in 2014,
awarding them their 2nd VC title, UCT has taken a dip. Ever since 2014, the Ikeys have been
in survival mode, with many of their star players being selected for provincial teams, and
facing challenges with changes in management. The influx of external coaches after 2014
brought with it numerous different sets of ideas and cultures, each coach trying their best to
instil the philosophies they believe to be pertinent to the growth of the club.
Unfortunately, the mixture of new ideas created an atmosphere of confusion. The
relationships and decisions made between players and coaching staff has gone through some
turbulence – discouraging commitment. This, together with the lack of funds to recruit new
members, meant that many players were uncertain of their positions and roles. The players
started choosing to play for lower or internal league teams, if they didn’t choose to leave the
club completely to join a rival. The resulting gaps in the first team called for spots to be filled
with talented younger players, who without a doubt have the skills, but lack the right amount
of experience to get them to where the Ikeys were in 2014.
Luckily, all of the changes are in the process of evening out, and stability and growth are in
sight with the new Ikeys five-year vision of development for 2018-2022.This plan was
presented by the Ikey Tigers Club Chairman, Greg Fury, in September this year.
Transparency and clarity between players and coaching staff is being restored, as well as the
true Ikeys values, including the vision’s five strong hallmarks of success, being reiterated.
With the newly renovated Ikeys Club House, the true Ikeys culture is bound to be back in no
time, as we watch the teams, coaching staff, management and all the supporters, come
together and develop commitment and relationships that will get UCT back to the top of the

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