The Bigger They Are, The Harder Their Goal

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By Kaamil Adams

Despite the social obstacles Shaahid faced, namely being bullied for being too
skinny, he found grace and strength through encouragement from his parents. “From
a very young age my parents always encouraged me to take part in a range of sports
to discover my strengths and enhance them, and work on my weaknesses and
improve them.” Shaahid further adds that his parents were his main influence coming
into the sport of bodybuilding, as they themselves were regular members of the local
gym. “I became familiar with diverse physiques, most of which inspired me. From
there, my interest in sculpting my body grew incredibly.”

“What the mind believes, the body achieves.” Shaahid says, emphasising the mental
preparation required for competitive bodybuilding. It goes without saying how much
commitment goes into this sport. Shaahid has developed his own sense of self-
recognition with regards to his training and pre-show planning. He explains how
these processes have influenced his psychological approach and improved his
discipline in his attitude towards the sport and his self-growth. “Once you have come
to terms with, and adhere to, the fundamentals your journey will unfold effortlessly.”

The sport has had an impeccable effect on Shaahid. As a student, he has learnt
numerous lessons, some of which can be applied to both his studies and social life.
“This journey has taught me to appreciate the simple things in life and has given me
an overall sense of gratitude towards everything in life.” From this statement, we
should learn something: to appreciate our bodies first, skinny or not. Something
which we are all guilty of not always doing. Yes, all of us! The blessing of education,
having been accepted into a world recognized institute of higher learning, is
something which we should all ponder. Turn back and thank both the Almighty who
has provided us with these opportunities, and our parents/guardians for their
immense support. It is through this that we today, just like Shaahid, are able to set
and achieve our goals.

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