UCT Indoor Futsal

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By Carl Osborne

Football is one of the most popular and most followed sports in the world. For many at UCT it is a
religion, rather than just a pastime, and they need to consume as much of it as possible. One of the
best options for this passionate group is the indoor futsal league.
Giving fans their daily fix of quality football action, the futsal league allows players to show off their
skills in close quarters, hard floor court. This lends itself to a more technical game, emphasising
passing and ball control over direct pace and strength. Only the most technical players can thrive
under these conditions, and this leads to very hard fought, exciting games. These high intensity
games are what draw the loyal crowds who have made these meridian games a daily routine.
These are the types of events the University body should be going to, for them to see great
technically gifted players develop and hone their skills. It is in the smaller, more intense
atmospheres that some of the best players in the world of football started. Players like Fabregas and
Messi all started in the courts of Spain which highlighted their tremendous on-the- ball skills. All of
this is on offer every day to those who choose to support this exciting spectacle. Above all, you have
the Sports Centre tuckshop, which just adds to the environment of a proper sporting occasion.
The spectator atmosphere is brilliant, but it’s even more thrilling when you’re the one out there
playing. It is a great feeling to be a part of a team. Whether you get some friends together or join an
already established team (daunting as it may seem, but most teams are looking for new players), it is
a great way to make new friends, either teammates or opponents, and help us join as one
footballing community.
In this current age where we are all fixated on our television screens to get our football fix, futsal
represents a good opportunity to get into some local football. Or better yet, get involved yourself.
What’s more local than seeing it being played right on your own campus? Help build a fan-base for
something that deserves to be brought into the limelight.

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