This week on IG: How Sakhile Tembe is using Instagram to show off his love for fashion

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Written by Nwabisa Mazana

Sakhile Tembe is a 20-year- old fashion lover/creative who was born and raised in
Johannesburg. The young creative now lives in Cape Town and is studying for his BSocSci
degree at UCT.

Image courtesy of Sakhile Tembe

Having lived in Cape Town for close to three years, he’s done a number of amazing fashion
collaborations with Ray-Ban, Nevernew Store, ABSA and Hectic Nine-9. I caught up with the
young creative, to find out what fashion and Instagram mean to him.

The beginning of it all:
I grew up all over Midrand and was exposed to different fashion trends. But could never
follow them, because trends are expensive. So for the longest time, I had no understanding of
individual style, but as I got older things changed. I learnt a lot and made new discoveries.
And that’s how I fell in love with fashion.

Building the brand on IG:
My journey on Instagram started and is still alive today thanks to the realest plug in my entire
life, Eduroam. It helped me discover the world of Instagram feeds and aesthetics. I found
inspiration in how people presented their visuals. But for me, my Instagram is just a
collection of memories and an online digital pictorial. I think that’s why people enjoy my
feed so much.

Being in Cape Town:

Image courtesy of Sakhile Tembe

I think that being in Cape Town has helped me unleash my full potential in terms of my
personal style, comfort and capability. I can’t credit Cape Town for individual style, because
I have always known what that is. This is because I wear the clothes, they don’t wear me.

Final Words:
I think it’s important for people to just start! Set up that IG profile or Blog. If you have the tools at your disposal use them and if you don’t then you need to find a way to acquire them.
Consistency is key but also at your discretion, define your comfort and work with that. There is no full proof formula for brand building, it’s all about strategy. Also stop comparing yourself with everyone on social media. Find your lane and stick to it.



This article was originally intended for publication in October, 2017. Apologies for the delay.

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