Student Apps and Businesses That Will Serve You

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By Caroline Petersen


As students roll back onto the UCT campus and begin their various academic years, it’s tough to get started on a good note. With the rise of the Digital Age, it’s important that students learn how to use their time online effectively.

Student-run apps and businesses are becoming one of the greatest aid to help maximise academic and student life. When apps and businesses are created ​for students and ​by​ students, there’s no going wrong. Students have consulted their own grievances and have proactively done something to serve themselves, along with their fellow campus peers. Here are some great apps to download and businesses to save the number of for when you’re in a bit of a pickle.

Image from Quillo’s GooglePlay page.



Quillo​ is a brilliant new mobile app that has been making the rounds amongst money savvy students. ​The app was created by a group of four UCT students who aimed to serve the student body with their creation. ​Quillo is a platform that connects students, allowing you to “buy textbooks cheap” and “sell textbooks quick”. As a seller, you would need to register and fill in some details, information about the textbooks you wish to sell, and prices. If you’re a buyer, you can simply search for your textbook, and once found, you can contact the seller. Angus MacKenzie’s review over Facebook reads, “​Sold my textbooks in minutes. A great way to deal with the hassle of old textbooks, and finding new ones. Easy to use, very practical and thoroughly needed”.


Safe-Up UCT

Although the security at UCT is thorough and its attempts to make students feel safe are certainly up to scratch, ​Safe-Up UCT is a free mobile app that aims to “[empower] students and staff to play a more active role in making UCT a safer place”. The app acts as a platform that enables easy communication and feedback relays to help improve safety on the various UCT campuses. The app doesn’t report crime, but it does complement the process of preventing crime in helping to share information on sites that may be a risk or dangerous for students. You can use the app to submit reports on safety issues such as “safety issues in residences, problems with street lighting, or overgrown areas that make you feel unsafe”.


Mickey’s Student Emergency Car Services

Mickey’s Student Emergency Car Services (MSECS) offers general automobile services to ensure students’ safety. Students ​Bopane “Mike” Mothemela and Lefa Kekana found that their personal misfortunes of car troubles ignited a new idea to guarantee fellow students a proper fix and safe journey. ​​MSECS offers services at student rates such as car towing, tyre and fuel rescue, as well as minor motor works. The perk of this service is that student drivers can access these services with a simple call, WhatsApp, or a text anytime and anywhere. They do not charge a call-out fee and are available 24/7.

Contact Mickey’s Student Emergency Car Services on 063 682 6330


UCTMobile (University of Cape Town app)

This app is a lifesaver and gives UCT students quick and easy links directly to the information they need most. From how to replace a lost student card, to a link to our very own UCT Radio. ​UCTMobile​ creates a personalised timetable for you, offers maps, your course results, and all the Jammie Shuttle schedules. There is a focus on student’s well being, success and safety. The first button that is offered is an emergency speed dial that will put you in contact with someone if your safety is at risk. Your student life just became a whole lot easier.

Image from Vula’s GooglePlay page.


Vula app

Let’s be real, now that you’re a student, Vula has become your most used app. If you’re sick of trying to open Safari and Chrome and logging in each and every time to access your Vula, then this app is definitely for you. The app lets you easily access all the information you would on Vula, however, it is just compacted into a mobile friendly, free app.



LegalMate​ was created by a law student with a “mission to empower all South Africans with legal education and knowledge”. This app is handy if you’re ever in a sticky spot where you need instant access to basic legal information. This becomes important if you ever need to protect yourself, your character, or your well-being. Knowing how to protect yourself is only in your best interest and ensures safety and confidence, especially in this vulnerable time of your life.


Image from MyTherapy’s GooglePlay page.


Something that sits very close to our hearts as UCT students is mental illness. It is estimated that by 2030, suicide will be second leading cause of death among university students. Too many students suffer alone and in silence, but many have sought help through medication. However, ​MyTherapy comments that “medication will only work if and only if it is taken correctly”. ​MyTherapy is a medication reminder and tracker app that is designed to help students take their medication responsibly and encourage students to monitor their health and symptoms in order to improve their lifestyles, manage their symptoms, and have a better sense of well-being.


Get downloading, contacting, and supporting our fellow students and local UCT kids!

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