Love is a Battlefield: The Terminology Uncovered

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By Ishani Lala and Nwabisa Mazana

This article can also be found in the print Edition 1 of VARSITY Newspaper.


Dear First Year, we get it. First, you have to remember names like Hoerikwaggo and Hiddingh, then you have to remember the names of the people you hope to be friends with (not to mention all the names of the lecturers you intend to moan about, with said almost friends, of course). Add that to all the places you’ve memorised on Long Street and you have got quite a full plate. So you’re completely forgiven for being slightly unsure as to how to speak UCT. Trust, a few more weeks at this joint and you’ll be fluent in the Ikeys way of life and love. But until then, we’ve decided to help you out a bit with a crash course to Terminology 101: Ikeys’ Edition.

Photo from, Jamie Grill/Corbis

OccupyInbox – You may or may not heard of “sliding into DMs”. Yes? No? Well, that was so 2017 – Nah Fam, please slide into that DM and stay there!

Vibing – When it’s an almost something but not really anything at all.

Ghosting – This is when vibing becomes cold and the people involved start avoiding one another, they ghost each other.

Breadcrumbing – Pretty much flirting to keep the person interested even though you aren’t keen on commitment. Basically a great way to kill time and work on your skills.

Zelationship ­– A relationship that only exists within the walls of Zevoli’s.

Zevs – The previous point brings us to Zevs, the place where all good (or bad) things happen.

Listeri-Hoe-Sis! – Overheard on a Jammie, apparently it means your “hoe” life tendencies are getting old and it’s time to leave the shelf.

Cuffing Season – This refers to when it’s the cold months during the year, when people that are usually single are suddenly looking for a “serious” relationship.

Single Boyfriends/Girlfriends – People who are single but at the same time are in a relationship. These are the people you see on Instagram with their partners, but are single on the Tinder streets.

Bricking – This is when you take someone’s partner. Basically, stepping into a relationship and taking the partner despite them already being in a relationship.

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