Ten Things to Add to your UCT Bucket List

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By Babalwa Nomtshongwana

This article can also be found in the print Edition 1 of VARSITY Newspaper.


For many UCT students, the three to six years spent at university are amongst the most challenging and rewarding times of their lives. There is just something about being in the perfect bubble between adolescence and young adulthood that makes everything more exciting. Every student’s experience is unique, but below is a list of ten activities to add to a UCT students’ bucket list before they graduate.


1. Studying overnight on Upper Campus

There are awesome ways to break up the monotony of studying on Upper, especially if you went up with a group of friends. If you do find yourself pulling an all-nighter during the semester, taking a coffee break on Jammie stairs is the perfect way to de-stress and regroup your energy and thoughts, and there is always more safety in numbers.


2. Joining a social movement

While you are at UCT, you are bound to be exposed to various groups and social movements who are trying to advocate for some or other cause that you are interested in.


3. Messing up a Jammie ride

Any student who regularly uses the Jammies should be able to attest to getting lost at some point, either because they got on to the wrong Jammie, or because they were just a moment too late to jump on their bus of choice. However, taking a Jammie to one of the stops you have never been to can make for a great adventure and help you discover a few new places around Cape Town.


4. Signing up for everything in Plaza week

In first-year, we probably all made the mistake of signing up for societies that we never intend on actually going to, or even signing up for too many societies simply because everything sounded so interesting. You could find yourself still making that mistake all the way into your third year.


5. Attend a UCT sports match

Every UCT student should try, at least once, to attend a UCT sports match. Attending a rugby match in support of Ikey Tigers is also a great way to get into the team spirit while supporting your team. This is something that does not require a large budget and you could find yourself enjoying it, even if rugby is not exactly your sport.


6. Watching the sunrise at Rhodes Memorial

All it takes a simple hike up from the grassy area across from the Molecular Biology Building. You can go up to Rhodes memorial, with a thermos full of hot coffee and some healthy snacks, so that you can start the morning off with a spectacular view of the sun rising over Cape Town and set the tone for a beautiful day.


7. Applying to go on an international academic exchange

If you consider yourself to be adaptable, resourceful and emotionally mature, it is worth considering an international academic exchange during your time here at UCT. There are plenty of programmes to choose from and the experience is totally worth it. Not nearly enough students take up this opportunity. You could make your time here at UCT more interesting by participating in an exchange anywhere in the world. You can find out more information at the IAPO offices on middle campus, or alternatively go on to their website to see which programmes interest you.

A UCT student spending a semester abroad at UCLA. Image by Thapelo Masebe.


8. Attending a Res Party

Every UCT student should try to experience at least one of the UCT parties that are hosted every year. There are plenty of residence parties to choose from,­ as well as raucous RAG parties. Attending at least one, for the experience, is worthwhile, even if you don’t go back.


9. Seeing a play at a Theatre

UCT has the advantage of being close to two different theatres that have plenty of student discounts worth checking out. Baxter theatre, which is found near Lower Campus, has plenty of plays showcased throughout the year, and the Labia, found within walking distance from Hiddingh Campus, offers a unique cinematic experience.

UCT’s Baxter Theatre. Image by Thapelo Masebe.


10. Having a picnic on Graça Lawns


Graça Lawns are situated on Lower Campus – in between Baxter Hall and the Graça Machel Hall. This place normally has a great atmosphere on Friday afternoons and evenings, and is a great space to have a chill session after a long week of lectures.


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