Snapchat or Snapfail?

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By Khanyisa Hobyane

This article is exclusive to the online Edition 1 of VARSITY Newspaper. 


So, Kylie Jenner has stopped playing hide-and-seek with her nieces and nephews after officially revealing the birth of her baby girl, Stormi. What’s more is, in just a few weeks, the reality-TV-star-turned-entrepreneur/model/social media personality has proven the power of her reign by causing a significant dip in Snapchat’s stocks with just one tweet.

The update of the Snapchat app has gotten over a million users upset, including Kylie herself, as she tweeted that she hardly uses the app and that when she saw the update, she was doubtful: “I don’t know how I feel about it!” With Kylie being known as one of the most popular users on Snapchat, stated by Snapchat, her followers probably already disliked the update before but since the Snapchat queen voiced her thoughts through less than 280 characters on Twitter, the people she influenced have done the same.


The update includes relocating friends’ messages and the app reorders them. What Snapchat failed to consider was the easiness of social media. Social media was implemented to make life easier and, of course, entertaining. During the update’s rollout, a Snapchat spokesperson said, “Updates as big as this one can take a little getting used to, but we hope the community will enjoy it once they settle in.” No, babes. We’re the lazy generation. We don’t have time to be learning that the Snap Map will now appear on the Discover page in Search.

My friends claim I love Snapchat and I admit I do, but I only really love the filters. So, when Snapchat took away my pink cat filter I went berserk! It made me feel pretty, gave me hope, and then they took it away from me and replaced it with what? Frown-facing lips or big eyes? After all these months of using the app, I still don’t know how to use it properly because I only use it for the filters (plus, they brought back my pink cat. Thank you, Kylie!).

Customers aren’t happy; what happens to the Snapchat business? Well, I only see this as a minor setback. We should not forget the Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp stories we love so much.  For now, Snapchat users and Snapchat’s competition will, however, be breathing down Snapchat’s neck. Snapchat is a huge influence on our generation. The concept of DMs, the filters… you can’t tell me it’s the end of Snapchat. By the words of the Snapchat queen: “still love you tho snap … my first love.”


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8 thoughts on “Snapchat or Snapfail?

  1. Carol Bringle Reply

    My 4 sons daughter in law and boyfriend .. and countless others.. luv Snapchat.. so yes .. Kylie yes we are a family who uses Snapchat.. Done

  2. Ndzie Mabunda Reply

    The accuracy in this article is too much! Well done Khanyisa! 🙂

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