Broader UCT Community is not Represented in Sports Council Meetings

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By Babalwa Nomtshongwana

This article is exclusive to the online Edition 2 (Wrap Edition) of VARSITY Newspaper.


Image from @UCTsport Twitter page.

At the first sitting of Student Parliament, a complaint was lodged against the SRC Sports and Recreation Co-ordinator, Bongane Bucwa, due to a lack of communication and perceived incompetency. This comes after the SRC’s failure to show up at the Sport Council meetings which were held this year. Among the responsibilities of the SRC Sports and Recreation Co-ordinator is to act as a voice that represents the views of the greater university community regarding sport. This means that decisions made in Sport Council meetings are often made without the input of the views of the greater student body. This also has an impact on the way in which the broader UCT community is represented, in that it renders them voiceless. Sports-playing students have access to their sport unions who can bring forward their concerns, unlike the general student body who do not play a sport and therefore rely on the SRC to voice their concerns with regards to sports.

With the upcoming Biannual Inter-Varsity tournament, the focus was shifted onto whether the SRC’s lack of impact would be an obstacle to UCT’s ability to host it, as well as to compete in the tournament.

The Senior Sports Co-ordinator, Frans Mamabolo, has stated that although the SRC had failed to show their faces at previous meetings this year, in fact they had the Sport and Recreation Co-ordinator show up at the meeting prior to the interview with VARSITY. He was also adamant that the SRC’s lack of involvement in terms of the decision-making would not hamper the University’s ability to successfully host the tournament, which is to be held on the 22 September 2018.  VARSITY contacted the SRC Sports representative for a comment but no response was given. Future involvement by the SRC in the Sport Council remains to be seen and now the link between sports and the broader student community is yet to be facilitated.

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