UCT renames unofficial transcript

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By Soligah Solomons

This article is exclusive to the online Edition 3 of VARSITY Newspaper.


The unofficial transcript on PeopleSoft has been renamed and the process of obtaining the unofficial transcript has been altered.

On the 6th of April 2018, UCT announced that the unofficial transcript on PeopleSoft Self-Service has been renamed to “academic record”. The reason behind renaming the document and changing the layout is because students need their academic record for funding services and postgraduate study applications, according to the announcement. The change has also been made to assist with employment prospects, such as when students have completed their studies but have not yet graduated.


Example of new header of Academic Record. Image courtesy of Kate Southwood


According to the announcement, even though the name has been changed to “academic record”, it is still not an official transcript. Official transcripts still have to be requested from the Students Record Office via the standard transcript request form, and according to UCT media liason Elijah Moholola, there is a fee involved in obtaining this.  

The PDF version of the new academic record is only available to students, as staff are still able to view it as the unofficial transcript.

Despite the communication from UCT, not many students fully understand the change, nor were they aware of it.

A third-year student in the Humanities faculty commented, “To be honest, I don’t understand why they changed it, I don’t think much has changed.” A student from the Law faculty commented, “It’s just so confusing.” Another third-year student in the Humanities faculty said, “I did not realise this was happening, but it seems a bit more proper than ‘unofficial transcript’”.


When asked for comment regarding the change in process, Moholola stated the main reason was to allow for a free academic record – institutions such as banks were not accepting the previous version as it contained the word “unofficial”.



To view your academic record, below is a quick breakdown:

  • Log onto PeopleSoft.
  • Select View Academic Record in the dropdown list under the Academics
  • Click on the Go
  • A View Academic page appears.
  • Select Academic Record Self-Service under the Report Type
  • Click on View Report
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