A Twitter Gift: I Was Today Years Old

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By Fran Rattle

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 8 of VARSITY.


“You learn something new everyday”. We never really took this quote seriously when we were younger, but with the recent trend on social media, people are discovering the wildest things that they never knew before.

Here is a compilation of interesting tweets where people were “today years old” when they figured something out that’s crazy enough to share with everyone on social media:

Nothing is better than discovering that your favourite childhood cartoon has been well thought out. Figuring out that the Krusty Krab is actually a crab trap makes the already amazing cartoon even better!


There are many things in life that we just never question, one of these things being symbols. Who looks at a divide symbol and thinks, “I wonder why someone came up with this?”. Well now we all know!


Another thing we don’t really question is words and how lexicographers came up with them to define certain things. This one is genius in the way the common name of a “pilot” episode resembles real life pilots who gets planes in the air!

You get it? Because horses are held in a stable! And to be stable also means to be calm. This one is pretty straight forward, and definitely my personal favorite.

I refuse to believe that this is true. It will always be “open sesame”. Do not believe everything you hear kids! Even if it is true.

If a BLT is “bacon lettuce and tomato” then surely a chicken lettuce and bacon sandwich should be called a CLB? I don’t know about this one, but I feel like the “U” is only in there because it creates a word. Nevertheless, it’s still very clever.

I honestly believed this was just a mindless, funny saying because “there” and “square” rhyme; but honestly, this makes so much more sense.

Here’s another word we haven’t really questioned but is quite self-explanatory I would say.
No matter how old you are, finding out new facts is awesome! It can be quite a hilarious and shocking situation to find out that you actually don’t know it all. It often makes you feel like a kid again, making you think back to your childhood and memories you would share with close friends. For example, running around and playing tag. By the way, did you know that “tag” stands for touch-and-go?
Out of all the “today years old” tweets, and memes which ones did you find the most mind blowing? And were you “today years old” when you found any of these out?

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