Exploring Dean Street: The Perfect Spot for Every Meal

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By  Caroline Petersen

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 8 of VARSITY.


The Claremont Jammie is rough. At times, it can feel like there is no more oxygen left to breathe and no more room to stand, but Jammie drivers always find a way to squeeze in that extra person. Need a quick relief and a scrumptious meal to treat yourself after the chaos you just endured? Ditch the ride halfway and jump off at Dean Street.

The street and surrounding spots host a multitude of delicious and inviting restaurants. Because Dean Street is a Jammie stop and is surrounded by many schools, the area is swarming with young people. Dean Street’s eateries have no choice but to accommodate ‘The Broke Student’ and our sad wallets.

Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or drinks: specials, good prices, and mouth-watering food is what you’ll find. Here is a handy guide letting you in on the best deals, no matter the meal-time.


Photo by Caroline Petersen



Whether you’re the type to like your meals blended after a good early morning gym sesh, or if you like something more warm and traditional, Dean Street has the spots for you.

Rootbar has a wide selection of juices and smoothies to give you your healthy, guilt-free fix for the day. Packed full of nutritious goodness that’ll leave your body smiling and thanking you. Rootbar’s juices and smoothies range from R30 to R60.

  • Rootbar is on Dean Street in the Newlands Quarter, sitting right opposite Dean Street’s all time classic, The Creamery.

Vida e Caffè
BREAKFAST SPECIAL: Grab a coffee and a warm toastie for R59 or a coffee and a frittata for R39. Vida’s food is normally on the pricier side, but for a good reason. So now that there’s a special? You’ve got to cash in.

  • Vida e Caffè is actually on a street parallel to Dean Street, but with their bright red branding, it’s impossible to miss.


Image from Vida e Caffe Instagram @vidaecaffe_official




El Burro

Already feeling tired of UCT’s new Food & Connect? Need something a little spicier than the caf norms? El Burro is a high quality, delicious, authentic Mexican restaurant.

LUNCH SPECIAL: El Burro is another spot that is usually quite expensive but is so worth a splurge as a special treat every now and then because the food is amazing. However, if you’re looking for more than a once-in-a-blue-moon treat from El Burro, they do offer R50 lunch time specials! You can get filling tacos, burritos, and salads in this deal.


Image from El Burro Instagram @_el_burro




You can’t get any more classic than a pizza or a burger. An unproblematic fav that is guaranteed to fill you up, leave you satisfied, and something no one can really screw up.


Knead is a popular franchise and we can tell why. Their specials really treat us and they don’t skimp on their food. Their hearty portions are tasty and make Knead a consistent spot you’ll definitely come back to.

DINNER SPECIAL: Knead is like your one-of-a-kind mom that treats and cares for you so much and expects so little in return – you’re left confused, but ultimately incredibly grateful. On Fridays after 2pm, you can get any pizza for R50. All day from Monday to Friday you can also score a cheeseburger with any patty (even vegetarian), with a side of your choice, for R50.

Photo by Caroline Petersen



The Copper Club

A recent edition to the Dean Street eateries, The Copper Club really entered the scene with a bang. The trendy spot right opposite Vida has an urban aesthetic with black and gold accents; a good spot to wine and dine in for your Instagram feed. The Copper Club actually offers specials almost everyday, such as half price burgers, half price pizzas, and steak specials. This is most definitely a student-friendly spot worth a try any day of the week.

DRINKS SPECIAL: Want to get a little tipsy and boozy while catching up with friends? The Copper Club offers half price cocktails on Wednesday and Sunday. If you go on Sunday, also expect their delicious half priced pizzas that are so big, I’ve never been able to finish one.

Image from The Copper Club Instagram @thecopperclub



As students, going through quarter-life crises, hustling for that degree, and experience a break down almost every other day, we all need a sweet treat every now and then. 

The Creamery

Their original and exciting flavours always keeps us on our toes. The flavour of the month for September is Milk Tart and they recently added in a new addition that is probably the best of all their experimental flavours: Malva Pudding and Custard! The Creamery also offers desserts like chocolate pudding, waffles, banana splits, and milkshakes. Be sure to keep your loyalty card on you for possible free scoops!

Gelato Mania

Watch out Creamery, some gelato competition is coming your way. Keep your eyes peeled for the new addition to Dean Street, giving us more dessert options and more reason to head to Dean Street.

Image from The Creamery Instagram @thecreamerysa
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