Get fitter with no equipment!

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By Naseemah Pandor

This article is exclusive to Online Edition 10 of VARSITY.


This short workout can be done anywhere and it can help you get fitter FAST!


Push Ups (close grip)

5 sets of 10 push ups with 45 seconds rest between each set


The most well-known exercise and also most underrated. Most people see it as a chest exercise but it also strengthens your triceps, shoulders and even your core.


Bench/chair dips

3 sets of 10 repetitions (reps) with 45 seconds between each set

Find a bench or solid chair and rest your palms on it with your arms straight up and your torso in a straight line at an angle to the ground. Bench your elbows as you lower your body down and allow your back to slide against the chair/bench (keeping your legs straight). Straighten out your arms contracting your triceps to complete the rep.


Wall sit

1-minute wall sit


Find a solid wall and rest your back on it, bench your knees as if you’re sitting on a chair, hold that position. This is great for your thighs and core. After about 30 seconds, you should feel some burning in your thighs but keep it for the full minute.


Pull ups

4 sets of 8 pull ups with 45 seconds rest between each set

Find a solid horizontal bar (at a park, a door gym, or any real horizontal bar that can hold you). Try and keep your grip wider than shoulder width apart. When you pull yourself up, try and keep your legs still, not kicking them out. If you can’t do this, focus on what’s called “negative reps”, where you you’re assisted pulling yourself up (by kicking and using your momentum or with a friend) and then you slowly lower yourself down over a 3 -second period.


Body weight squats jumps

3 sets of 20 squats with 1 minute rest between sets

Stand with your feet at least shoulder width apart, but as comfortable as possible. With your elbows bent, keep your forearms parallel to the ground and your back straight. Perform the squat by bending your knees forward until your thighs are roughly parallel to the floor (keeping you back straight at all times). To complete movement, extend your legs quickly jumping off the ground.

This added intensity will help you burn more calories and give you more toned legs.



2 minutes or to failure

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Set up in a push up position but with your forearms resting on the ground. Hold this position for the full amount of time without allowing your bum to rise or drop as this may cause pressure on your lower back. This is great for stabilizing your back and core.


This short workout can be repeated 3 to 4 times a week but remember to get adequate rest in between. This is a great way to get your heartrate up and can be followed by 10 to 15 minutes of high intensity cardio such as running or cycling for added weight loss where needed. None of this requires any specific exercise equipment and relies only on body weight. Weight can be added if available or to make it more challenging.


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