How to celebrate Halloween in South Africa

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By Arin Barry

This article is exclusive to Online Edition 10 of VARSITY.

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Halloween! The magical time of the year where skeletons and pumpkins dominate our social
media feeds and everyone is filled with the child-like excitement to dress up and go trick-or-
treating with friends…well, that’s if you live in a country that celebrates Halloween.
But have no fear, this year, we’ve got your FOMO covered. Cape Town may not celebrate
Halloween in the traditional sense, but there are tons of things to do to get you in the
spooky spirit.



Ever wanted to spend the night at an aquarium? Well here’s your chance. The Two Oceans
Aquarium is hosting a sleepover for their members, young and old, and they’re promising an

event filled with games, slime-making, and all the Halloween treats you can think of.
When: 20 October at 6:30pm – 21 October at 8am
Price: R300 per adult; R240 per child (no kids under 2)



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When I think of Halloween my first thoughts are candy and Stephen King. Well the Galileo
Open Air Cinema at Kirstenbosch Gardens had a similar train of thought, because they’re
hosting an open-air screening of IT. So get dressed up as your favourite character and enjoy
a night out under the stars. Who knows, you might just see a creepy clown that likes
balloons lurking in the Gardens?
When: 31 October, 6pm
Price: From R150 per person



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The annual Zombie Walk is going down just before Halloween, so it’s the perfect event to
get your creep on without scaring your friends. Fellow zombie lovers and Halloween fanatics
will be going all out for this event, so come dressed to impress…and with that I mean the
more blood, the better.
When: Saturday 27 October
Price: Free



Looking for something a bit more child friendly? Then the haunted Glencalm Hotel is the
place for you. A local theatre group decorates the entire hotel and then enacts spooky
scenes, while the children can safely trick-or-treat throughout the hotel.
For more information contact 021 782 0314 or email 



If all else fails, or you don’t want to spend Halloween with a bunch of strangers, then having
a DIY Halloween is the way to go. Stock up on a ton of candy (I totally mean a ton, you need
to be scared of going to the dentist after this), get a few scary movies or creepy games, put
on some vampire fangs and invite some friends over. The sky is the limit with a DIY party:
you can host a murder mystery dinner, tell ghost stories, carve pumpkins and so much
more. As long as you are having fun, then you’re celebrating Halloween the right way.

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