Jose Mourinho: prolonging the inevitable?

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By Carl Osborne

This article is exclusive to Online Edition 10 of VARSITY.


This season has not gone well for the self-proclaimed “Special One”. Manchester United seem to be languishing in their current state, losing games they should have won, not looking their best and never really looking like they have a firm grip on the season. All of this has heaped loads of pressure on Jose, and it has been suggested that he could be out of a job very soon.


Before the Newcastle United game, it was widely reported that no matter the result, he would be fired at the close of that game week. With the team down 2-0 early on in the first half, it seemed as though the writing was on the wall. The players did not seem to be playing for the manager and were down to a Newcastle team who had not won a game this season.


As the second half started, and with two substitutes made, he seemed to completely change the team and the mentality immediately picked up. That game would show that this manager still had some fight in him and if he lets the players loose more often to just attack, he can bring some greatness out of this side.


However, was it too little too late? It is still widely being reported that United are having conversations with Zinedine Zidane, the three-time Champions League winning manager earmarked to take over from Jose when is eventually let go. There is also talk of United identifying Leonardo Jardin, the recently released Monaco manager, as another possible successor.



These rumours bare striking similarities to when Jose was announced in the wake of Louis Van Gaal’s firing, where it was talked about for months before he was finally unveiled. This speaks to the saying “there is no smoke without fire” as with all these rumours there must surely be some truth in it.


Most United (and even neutral) supporters have basically settled on the fact that this will be Jose’s last season at United (if he isn’t let go before the end of the season). He has already won two trophies at United picking up the League Cup and Europa League in his first season, and guided them to a post-Sir Alex Ferguson high of second place in his second season. He is definitely the most successful manager post-Fergie but now we’ll have to wait and see how this reign ends: in a cloud or somehow (and more unlikely) in glory!


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