Higher Further Faster, Baby

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By Kate Southwood

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 2 of VARSITY News.




The tagline is all the foreshadowing you need: Captain Marvel went higher, further and faster than most Marvel movies have gone before, and definitely more than any superhero movie starring a woman has.



Captain Marvel was simultaneously a breath of fresh air and a continuation of all the things we love in superhero movies. Breaking Box Office records and being the top movie in the world for two weeks in a row isn’t exactly surprising.



There’s a lot in this film and there’s enough for everyone. But, if you don’t believe me, here are some specific reasons why (aside from the obvious representation women don’t often get) you should definitely go see Captain Marvel as soon as possible:


The nostalgia

Anyone alive in the 90s or early 2000s will appreciate the 90s setting of the movie. Marvel did well to bring in a nostalgic feeling for the 90s without sidetracking from the storyline: for example, when Captain Marvel first lands on Earth (which is pretty intense), the tension is broken when she comes crashing through a Blockbuster roof. Later in the movie, we finally get the opportunity to find out some really important info, but then there’s a halting stop as we wait for the Windows95 software to download it.


The humour

While Marvel is good at bringing comedy into their action movies through comic timing, one-liners, and plans going completely wrong, Captain Marvel and Nick Fury are genuinely funny together. With all the awkward singing and dancing, friendly banter, and Carol amusing herself by getting information she doesn’t need, the friendship allows for plenty of laughs. And that’s just one of the relationships in the film.




There isn’t a forced romantic storyline

Usually, the women superhero characters that we have been given are often narrated into arbitrary, unnecessary and makes-no-sense relationships with whichever male character happens to be closest to them (Wonder Woman, I’m looking at you). These relationships often serve to help the woman superhero realise her true potential, grow from heartbreak, or realise what she truly wants. This is a garbage notion which women audiences are tired of seeing, and finally, we didn’t have to suffer through it! The closest man to Carol Danvers is Nick Fury, and while the two become fast friends, there is never any subtext that would suggest it has a chance of being more than that. We stan strong men-women friendships!




The action




Captain Marvel is the strongest character in the MCU, there is no doubt about it. And she never holds back. But the action isn’t limited to Carol Danvers: Nick Fury, Maria Rambeau, even the cat, Goose, all have their own high-intensity, sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat action moments. If you’ve seen the trailers, then you shouldn’t need to be convinced that I’m not exaggerating. The scale of the movie allows for the scale of the action to be greater than we’ve seen before: we’ve got aircraft dogfights in the sky, battles in space, battles between spaceships, hand-to-hand combat on the ground, car chases, and even an old lady getting punched! The action really is anything and everything in this movie.



The MCU continues

If all else fails and you still don’t see a reason to watch this film, then here you go: If you plan on watching Avengers: Endgame, you need to watch Captain Marvel. It provides important context and information for how the Avengers have even a small hope of defeating Thanos and undoing The SnapTM.





So, there you have it. You’d better get to a cinema near you, ASAP!



Here is Brie Larson using her power as Captain Marvel to empower the young women looking up to her:



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