Want to make it big on the internet?

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By Nolitha Ngamlana

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 2 of VARSITY News.


Image by Azraa Erasmus


With the fourth industrial revolution upon us, and with the growth of globalization, we find various people across the globe using social media as a means of getting the public’s attention. Gone are the days were people follow strict rules of having to approach a company or even becoming well-known by getting someone to get your foot into the door. Nowadays, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other platform (Instagram being the most used,) help us market ourselves and directs us in the right paths of being our own bosses and becoming a brand.


But the question remains, how does one market themselves on social media?


Well, that depends. What will determine how you market yourself will be based on what you want to do on social media. Do you want to advertise your business, gain more attention and customers or are you the business? Or do you want to be some type of brand ambassador for products? Or do you want to be a singer or an actor? The list is endless. But here are a few ways of marketing yourself across all the above. Some you’d have to modify or change a bit to fit what niche you are interested in.


Have a definite idea of where your expertise lie

This is essential as it informs you of the target market you’re aiming at.  It is important to research your specific area of interest and which social media to platform tousein order to share this interest with the world. For example, if you are interested in photography, you will need to know a lot about photography, the rules of taking great images and what is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  You’ll need to be able to create, edit images and attract an audience. Then you’ll choose a digital platform that is best suited for images. Instagram may be better suited over Facebook or Twitter.


Be a responsive content creator

Being able to communicate and respond to the people who comment on your posts online makes the audience see that you are interested in their opinions. It is all about being yourself authentically and engaging with people. If they see you genuinely have an interest in what they have to say, they will most likely continue viewing your posts and commenting more. Some comments may be bruise your ego if they critique you but use their critique to better yourself. Yes, you can’t please everybody, but knowing where you went wrong and how to avoid such issues in the future will help.


Know your audience peak time

You should research and study how often people in your area use the specific social media platform you are using and at what times of the day they are most active in. This will ensure that when you post, it increases the chances of your posts being seen and getting noticed.


Post regularly and consistently

 We all have busy schedules and life can hit us hard but posting consistently lets the audience know that you are active and you take them and what you do online seriously. Again, this will increase the chances of people noticing your posts.


Use hashtags

Use hashtags that compliment what your post is about. And don’t forget if you are writing something, the headlines should be eye-catching. Don’t be afraid to play around with words, using puns, alliterations or other types of parts of speech to attract the attention of the reader/viewer.


Colour is important

If it’s images or videos, they should be attractive. Create an aesthetic so that when people see it, they will know it belongs to you.


Travel between social media platforms

Don’t be shy to importyour contacts from other social media platforms to follow you on the social media that you will be marketing yourself in. Using various social media platforms can help you get your name out there faster.


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