Young, Smart and Broke: Day to Day Specials for Student

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By Anna Cocks

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 2 of VARSITY News.


Sometimes the week is a hurricane that hits you at full speed, leaving no time for you to think about food. So when those weeks hit and that day comes when your stomach growls and there is no time to make food (or the dining hall is closed), but your wallet is starving too… take advantage of a food special and eat out! We’ve compiled a list of restaurants (all situated on Main Road in Rondebosch) that provide food specials for each day of the week. This is also perfect for figuring out where to go for a little, cheap date:





  • Buy one get one free @Salt and Sugar

Either spice or sweeten up life with Salt and Sugar’s buy one get one free deal for any of their pizzas, burgers or steaks. The restaurant can be located on Main Road, Rondebosch. The deal pertains only to UCT students and if you order the eat-in option. 






  • Half Price gourmet burgers at Copper Club

Dine out at the Copper Club Eatery on Dean Street and enjoy gourmet burgers for half the price, only a Claremont Jammie-ride away. One can expect to spend around R50 on this special.




  • WackyWednesday @Steers

Buy one Prince Burger and get another free for only R48.90 at Steers in Rondebosch Main road. What a wickedly wacky deal!



  • Rib special @Sticky BBQ

Treat yourself because it’s almost the weekend. Spend R 190 on two 600g beef ribs that come with fries and onions. Sticky BBQ can be found on Main Road in Rondebosch.




  • Pizza from Debonairs

Enjoy one small BBQ Beef Steak triple-decker pizza from Debonairs for R59.90. It may be small but it is tall and filled with flavour!



  • Breakfast at Down South

Indulge in a delicious breakfast consisting of 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, tomato, toast and chips for R32. This special lasts until 12pm, so a late breakfast can be enjoyed at Down South on Main Road, Rondebosch.



  • Pizzas at Mamma Mia

It’s Sunday! Mamma Mia, how time flies! Get together with some friends and enjoy 3 medium pizzas and 2 portions of chips for R200 @Mamma Mia, located in Main Road, Rondebosch.


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