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By Kay-Lee Dramat

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 3 of VARSITY News.


Image from The Bachelor SA


With the rise in localising US  media franchises in South Africa, it is only natural that The Bachelor would follow suit. Lee Thompson, is the very first Bachelor on the African continent, and he is not only soft on the eyes but also a former Sharks rugby player, business owner and international model. Unfortunately when Lee was announced as The Bachelor SA, it came with its fair share of criticism. There was a public outcry as Lee, a white man, was the choice for the show, many expressed that it does not represent  the demographics of Mzanzi, but this choice was heavily defended by Mnet, who claims that Lee was the description of what the viewers wanted. Lee himself stated that he was ready to date a woman of whatever race or religion. In addition, another concern was that it will overlook women of colour and result in “cringeworthy” television.


Initially the show featured a diverse cast, but currently there are only 6 women left and only one woman, Nontombi, is black. The fan favourites which was Mbali, a social media influencer, who left the show on her own terms, said she felt uncomfortable with vying for a man’s love with 23 other ladies and the other favourite , Edith was also recently sent home.  Edith being sent home was a shock to the viewers, because throughout it appeared that Lee and herself were bonding well, and she was even invited on a dream solo date with Lee. Before she left Lee said to her that they would be soulmates in another life, which left fans confused.



Currently the ladies who seem to be getting Lee’s approval are Michelle R, whose been a favourite since day one and Gina, who interestingly enough is the belated Reeva Steenkamp’s best friend. Michelle R has been on solo dates with Lee and seem to be hitting it off with Lee, many are speculating that she will get his heart. However it is hard to say as the show is full of twists and Lee has sent home some women that viewers thought would be the one to get the ring. But amid all the criticism, the show remains a favourite and manages to continue to catch the attention of the fans and haters, as see continue to see who eventually captures Lee’s heart.



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