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By Hannah van Teylingen

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 3 of VARSITY News.


For many, fitness has become a routine practice in our lives. The sad fact of the matter is that gym memberships, CrossFit, Sweat1000, private classes, and maintaining fitness in general has become incredibly expensive for students. Some may find it difficult fitting scheduled gym classes into their timetable and others are newbies who are intimidated by the gym environment. Would you like to look for alternative routes to get you started on a fitness journey or spice your workouts up? Thanks to YouTube and technology, there are so many free and enjoyable fitness options out there that won’t have you forking out cash every week or dreading the walk through the doors of your local gym.


If you enjoy running, the Nike Run Club app is my personal best. It is a distance tracker with a built-in GPS and an audio guided feature where an online coach will motivate you through the entire run. It also has as customized runs and community challenges. It is rated the seventeenth best health and fitness app in the App Store. Runtastic, Coach to 5K runner and Map My Run are also highly rated, interactive distance trackers with numerous features that monitor distance, speed, elevation and calories burned.



If you are looking for more class-based, HIIT or guided workouts, Youtube channels such as POPSUGAR Fitness, Fitness Blender and HASfit are the way to go. These channels offer a variety of workouts some call for basic equipment that you can use if you have on hand. You can pick a workout anywhere from five to sixty minutes and even target a specific muscle group.


Image from POPSUGAR Fitness


POPSUGAR is more diverse in and it’s offers range from HIIT, cardio, yoga, Pilates, Zumba and dance-based classes. Yoga with Adriene is another incredibly popular YouTube channel with a focus specifically on yoga and Pilates based strengthening exercises. She even offers 30-day challenges specifically for beginners, which is a perfect way to ease into a fitness routine. The YouTube fitness world is incredibly vast and constantly updated to provide you with new and improved workouts. The search bar will guide you to whatever you are looking for. 


In terms of apps, the Nike Training App offers a range of muscle, strength and endurance-based workouts, even allowing you to be instructed by celebrities such as Ellie Goulding or Serena Williams. GetFit also offers numerous at-home workouts, personalized fitness plans, a home workout routine planner, and is the eleventh best Health and Fitness App on the App Store. Workout Trainer, JEFTIT and Workout for Women are some others.


Why should inaccessibility and the increasing price of fitness hinder your 2019 goals? There are numerous avenues for you to discover, all you need to do is find the right fit.


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