The Strive Project

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By Parusha Chetty

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 3 of VARSITY News.


Golden Key UCT has premised itself upon three pillars; academics, leadership and service and this year our Executive Committee is embarking upon a new project wherein all three pillars would be combined.


The Strive Project, which will be spearheaded by Tendani Tshavhungwa, will run alongside our traditional fundraising endeavours for Peninsula School Feeding Association, who we raise funds for every year in order to assist them in feeding a class of school children for an entire year.


The Strive Project seeks to target grade 11 and 12 learners who have been prejudiced by their circumstances. It seeks to minimize the gap that poverty and inequality has played in the lives of many aspirant young children.


The reality is that many children in South Africa have never had the opportunity to seriously think about the prospect of getting into tertiary institutions. Therefore, the goal for this project is to help learners understand the endless opportunities that are available to them. Our part, as Golden Key UCT together with Golden Hands UCT, is to provide these students with as much insight as possible into the realities of university and what their options may be regarding their preferred courses in light of their current academic and financial position. Ultimately, we hope to enable these students to envision a life outside of their current circumstances. A life they can vehemently pursue.


The Strive Project targets 5 types of students which are categorized according to their academic standing and the goals they have set for themselves after high school. These students will then be advised accordingly by the Golden Key Executive Committee and the Golden Hands Committee.


In doing so, we would hopefully provide these students with an opportunity to manage their own vision. We hope to assist them by creating a pathway that would facilitate the achievement of this vision. For example, a student who wishes to upgrade their matric results, as they wish to be a medical practitioner, would not only be advised about the different options they may have available to them, but we will also assist them by providing them with a comprehensive rundown of what will be required of them and by when.


The project will officially launch on the 10th of May in Gugulethu and we invite everyone to join this project whenever they are able to avail themselves. Transport will be provided.


You do not need to be a Golden Key member in order to be a part of this project. All we require is your willingness to get involved.


If you are interested in coming with on the 10thof May, or any other Strive Project event in the future, please email our Golden Key Secretary, Radhe Singh, at our Service Project Manager, Tendani Tshavhungwa, at

For any other Golden Key or Golden Hands queries, please email the Golden Key President, Parusha Chetty, at



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