4 Apps that can help you drink more water

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By Arin Barry 

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 5 of VARSITY News.


I’m terrible at remembering to drink water. I sometimes find myself going the whole day without any liquid, only to realise my mistake when I start to feel terrible later that day. Late February, I decided to try and be more conscious of my water intake. So, I started to look for ways to remind myself to drink more water. Technology came to the rescue as there are many apps that can help you track and maintain health goals such as drinking more water.


You’ve probably heard the age old saying: “You’re supposed to drink eight glasses a day”. But according to research, that’s not actually true. So, though these apps have their own “here’s how much you should drink” presets, it is recommended to check in with a healthcare professional before you start drastically increasing your water intake.


Let’s start off with my favourite:

Plant Nanny


The app turns you into a virtual plant that needs to be watered, which you achieve by drinking water throughout the day. Plant Nanny is one of the few water drinking apps that actually has consequences if you don’t make your daily water quota, which is perfect for someone like me that needs a stricter reminder. But don’t worry, the app sends you push notifications when your plant is thirsty to remind you to drink something.

Aloe Bud


Similar to Plant Nanny, Aloe Bud features adorable art and interactive plants. Aloe Bud isn’t just a water drinking app, but a self-care app that encourages you to practice mindfulness techniques. A useful feature of this app is that you can customise the notifications it sends you.



The app allows you to set reminders for yourself at random intervals or on a set schedule, depending on your preference, to get something to drink and keeps track of how well you are meeting your daily water drinking goals.


Water Time

Similar to Plant Nanny, Water Time rewards you with new creatures as you level up. You start out with the default water droplet creature, but you quickly progress on to the next creature. What I really like about Water Time is it gives you the option to add different drinks so you can track your liquid intake as a whole.

Drinking water can be easy to forget and is rarely at the top of your to-do list, so apps like these exist to make your life just that bit easier.


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