Insubordinate Leadership

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By Mantwa Mehlape

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 7 of VARSITY News.


On the 1st of August 2019, UCT was graced with the presenceof Feminist and Human Rights activist Pregs Govender, who delivered a lecture on Klaus-Jürgen Bathe inaugural leadership.


Mrs. Govender’s lecture touched on important factors such as insubordination as well as racial and gender injustices. In relation to feminism, Govender highlighted the fact that those who were taught to be subordinate were always women and those who were taught to expect subordination were men. She reiterated that the inequality amongst the sex’s had been  problematic for several years and that it had caused drastic problems such as misogyny, rape and abuse towards women. She then evoked the notion of insubordination.


With relations to racial injustices, Govender highlighted the fact that subordination and the feeling of being subordinate enabled an oppressive system to gain control over the individual. Insubordination seemed to be one of the key factors within this lecture as great emphasis was placed on it. Governor also addressed the police brutality that occurred had been prevalent duringthe Apartheid era.


Soon after the lecture UCT hosted a silent protest against gender-based violence, however UCT spokesperson Elijah Moholola states that “The silent protest had no direct relation to the lecture .” Moholola elaborated  that, “The primary goal of the programme (lecture) was to produce graduates with outstanding leadership qualities and a strong sense of social justice, who will go on to play leading and significant roles in business, government, industry and civil society in South Africa and on the African continent”


Image by Tao Varty


Elijah Moholola also adds on by stating that UCT continued to celebrate National Women’s Day, 8 August, with a lunch hosted in the Graça Machel Hall by Vice-Chancellor, Mamokgethi Phakeng. The theme of the lunch was raising up African women in academia and in leadership roles. Lunch guests included gender activist Dr Vuyo Mahlati – who gave a keynote address – as well as the first recipients of the #UCTForWomxnByWomxn Scholarships.


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