FemmeProjects: Powerful Women In The Making

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By Chandré Cupido 

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 7 of VARSITY News.


FemmeProjects stands for Freedom of Education Motivates Empowerment and is a womxn and youth-led program that provides Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) and Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights (SHRHR) curriculum for young womxn. How remarkable is that! FemmeProjects started in 2014 and have for the past four years developed feminist-approach workshops that debunk a dominant educational approach and have succeeded in doing so. They have facilitated over 4000 learners from under-resourced schools situated in rural and urban communities in the Western Cape.


The structure of their curriculum is formed around the idea of creating an intersectional and interactive approach to teaching young womxn about sexual education, gender identity, reproductive rights and puberty, important discussions young womxn aren’t extensively exposed to in our school curriculums or at home. The co-founders found a gap in the education system and in the ways learners are taught about their bodies, sex and gender identity, thus they wanted to create a safe space for learners to chat about questions and concerns they might have.


Their entire project is inclusive to all as they have a blog that engages in conversations that are often difficult to talk about such as menstruation, sexual rights, gender and equal education. Their project is imperative as it debunks the myths about sex, menstruation and other issues and aims to create an “open space for free discussion and the sharing of experiences”. However, this is a two-way communication between the Co-Founders and students as they want to create an opportunity to share their wisdom and learn from young people who are coming of age.


Three amazing womxn founded this empowering and encouraging project, and two are UCT graduates. Kim Windvogel is the Co-Founder and Advocacy Officer of FemmeProjects and has a great interest to influence policy in South Africa. Kelly-Eve Koopman is a community leader who uses her disciplines to create social change. And Loren Loubser used her bold voice as a youth leader and youth counsellor while working for many youth organizations, bringing a vibrancy to this NPO. The founders of this phenomenal organization are committed to helping the youth and facilitating social change in their communities and other communities in the Western Cape by educating the youth in a non-judgmental and open manner. Creating a safe space for young womxn to make positive choices in life.


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