The Bucket List: Things to do at UCT before your graduate

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By Athenkosi Nzala

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 8 of VARSITY News.


In writing this article I tried to think and accommodate for that one Mabena-student who would attempt the entirety of this list in one go all because they have procrastinated about these things since the inception of their degree … The poor Mabena-student has been preoccupied for the past 3 years or so with  trying to save their degree from either drowning, burning or suffering from a none-rare DPR disease. Here are eight  campus spots for you to enjoy. Remember: ensure that you have company to enjoy and be safe with when visiting these recommended spots.


Devils Peak – Firstly, we have to accept that this mountain has been well accepted into the UCT familyhence it being first on the list. Secondly, are you really a ‘UCT student’ if you have not climbed this peak? Seriously!


Lovers Walk – Yes! There is such a place on campus and NO, you don’t have to be in love or have to walk with your partner-in-love before you walk along this beautiful path. This is one of the most beautiful and serene places to walk on campus. Just be safe!



Rhodes Memorial – Politics aside, this remains one of the most beautiful places to achieve three things whilst at UCT:
1. Escape campus life.
2. Have abeautiful view of Cape Town and surroundings.
3. The first reason


UCT 2 (aka Medical School) – Yes, yes and yes! Students do get to graduate without ever getting an experience of the Medical School campus; which for those who have, is a breath of fresh air. Go there and greet some students who will graduate without ever seeing Upper campus itself or its students.


Love Yourself Bench – Ever walked down from Upper campus to Middle or Rondebosch, there in-between the trees and shrubs, next to the Kramer and Bremner buildings, you will notice this bench. Shame on you if you’ve never sat on this bench. This is a part of campus that proves without a doubt you love yourself, take a seat there and you’ll know what I mean.



Ride the Hiddingh Jammie – First, save R10 on a taxi to town. Secondly, you get to see the beauty of the ocean and the mountain whilst on the Shuttle. Last but not least, as #UCTJustKidding says, “it is a  good time to forget you’re doing 1st year for the 4th time.”



Visit the park near Tugwell or the one next to University House (UH) – For those who do not know UH, should you take this up, you will be hitting two unicorns with one stone.


Go swim in or simply just go to the dam – No, you won’t die if you swim there, you’ll only find crocodiles and life-threatening water-diseases. On a more serious note, this is another place that promises serenity, new perspectives and an innocent way to breakaway from catching up with lecture videos.


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