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By Kendal Davids

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 8 of VARSITY News.


The podcast: the modern-day story book and the convenient provider of almost everything. Podcasts have become a vital part of the daily routines of many and it is not hard to understand why. Covering a variety of different topics from comedy to health and wellness, the podcast has many superpowers and one of which is its ability to keep you listening.


In terms of health and wellness, podcasts have the power to provide useful information in an easy and convenient way and breakdown the topics of healthy eating and nutrition into something a little more digestible. But, based on the vast variety, it’s hard to know where to even start on your health and fitness journey. Here, I have rounded up and reviewed some of the best and most popular podcasts to get you started on the journey of healthy eating, fitness and mental health.


  1. Science Vs: Although not necessarily focused on wellness, Science Vs also debunks the myths regarding the latest health trends and diet fads.  A must for lovers of authentic research and other science-related stuff.
  2. Hurdle: Overcoming obstacles through fitness: Hurdle focuses on using life lessons as a way of fighting through various struggles. The podcasts are a perfect addition to complement a healthy and motivated mind-set.

  3. Jay Shetty: A crowd favourite amongst the heartbroken and unmotivated. Jay Shetty shares wisdom to help improve mental health and overall wellness. His podcasts hit the hardest and remind us that we are never alone.
  4. Sleep With Me: An absolute must for story lovers and insomniacs alike.The podcasts are designed to help lull you to sleep with their selection of bed-time stories and, who says that bedtime stories are only for children?
  5. You Can Eat With Us: These podcasts take a slightly different view on what it means to eat healthy. Focused on intuitive eating and body acceptance, the podcast is an absolute must for anybody learning how to love their body while also giving it the nutrition that it needs.

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  6. Food Heaven Podcast Healthy food lovers unite. This podcast is dedicated to the dos and don’ts of eating a well-balanced diet whilst also enjoying the wonder and versatility that food has to offer.




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