If you dress well and you feel well, you’ll perform well

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This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 10 of VARSITY News.


Tom Ford once famously said “Dressing well is a form of good manners”. What this simply means is that how you dress is how the world will address and perceive you. Dressing well is not only about the people’s perception of you, it’s also an act of expression.


Unlike High School where you had to wear the same outfit (uniform) throughout the week, University is a completely different stratosphere. However, take a moment and reminisce, even though you wore the same outfit throughout the week, you still made sure that you looked decent, right? Why? Because you knew that however you looked is a representation of who you are to the public and that is how they’ll treat you. For instance, have you ever gone to school wearing an unironed or dirty shirt, trousers or skirt? And if you did, how did you feel while walking in public on your way to school on that particular day? On a worst-case scenario, how did you feel when executing a class presentation knowing that you are wearing a wrinkled & smeared uniform? You were probably anxious and had no confidence during that presentation that you ended up screwing the whole thing. The situation was probably dreadful if you had a crush at the same school.


Since University is a different stratosphere it forces you to level up your dress game. Don’t get me wrong, levelling up your dress game does not necessarily mean purchasing expensive clothes and looking lavish! Don’t ever fall into the trap of introducing yourself to a lifestyle you cannot afford – sustain, because you’ll end up getting broke by trying to look rich. Levelling up your dress game simply means putting in a little more effort to look decent. Looking decent and exquisite can be achieved by wearing a clean and ironed, T-shirt from Mr. Price, and a nice pair of jeans.


For instance, have you ever been to Upper Campus and you noticed that everyone put in more effort than you? You know how it feels right? It makes you feel uncomfortable, as if you don’t belong there. Next thing, you’ll find yourself wanting to go back to your place of residence to change your outfit – and that’s a huge confidence killer.


Thus, being said, next time, find out where you are going and make sure you dress the part. If you need to be on the occasion early, then prepare your outfit the night before so that you could avoid wasting time in the morning. Remember, being overdressed is better than being underdressed. 



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