An Experience of Our Lifetime

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By Mary-Anne Desai

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 2 of VARSITY News.


A South African Couple provides their experience of the great Covid-19.


A young married couple returned from their Eastern European holiday to Cape Town, South Africa during the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak in March 2020.


They believed that they followed the rules of personal hygiene in and out of the airports when travelling, yet this was not enough. Returning home, their symptoms occurred differently, at different times. What was most interesting of their Covid-19 experience, was that neither of them had a fever. The wife was the first victim, as she felt light-headed which changed into a huge headache and a sore throat. While the husband, only the following day developed a sore throat, felt tired and dis-orientated.


After their claimed stages of denial and having no underlying conditions, they decided that the scare of the virus was “not worth avoiding” and a test through PathCare was the best and most responsible option any traveller or citizen should take. PathCare and other medical facilities have provided details online regarding the right steps to take if one feels any symptoms. They felt at ease when the test procedure was 15 minutes long and each medical caretaker acted quickly and professionally and used the cotton swab testing method through their nose and throat. The test only took two and a half days for their positive results to return.


When diagnosed with the deadly virus, they tried to stay calm, and their families did not take the news well at first. However, they came around and supported the couple through delivering groceries when needed.


Luckily, living in their own space, they tried to remain healthy through eating correctly and staying at home. Reading and watching series to pass the time seemed like the best way to “ride it out”. They recommend that those infected not “take the news too seriously” but rather just “respect each other and look after other people” during this time.


The coupled survivors’, although not going through a near-death experience like some, advise for those with the virus is to “take it seriously” and “be good to yourself”. They agree that the best is to “stick to what your doctor recommends” and constantly take your “vitamin C’s”. Besides that, social distancing when feeling ill is their absolute key strategy. It has not been easy, as the one thing they have missed since being diagnosed and recovered is what we’ve all been missing, socialising. They have learnt to use social and gaming applications like Houseparty to stay close to loved ones.


The wife being in the medical field, feels that Covid-19 has produced a positive change in society, as “people are now working together to make sure the world as a whole survives”. Her husband believes that he does not “think life is ever going to be the same again” for anyone. They both believe that this pandemic is “going to take a long time before it gets any better”, so everyone needs to stay safe and stay at home.


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