Lifting World Cups and Sanitisers

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By James Braham

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 2 of VARSITY News.


South Africa’s Rugby World Cup-winning Captain, Siya Kolisi, focusses the Kolisi Foundation’s motives in aid of a struggling healthcare system, specifically providing certain measures for healthcare workers in Khayelitsha (Cape Town) and Livingston (Port Elizabeth) hospitals.


The Kolisi Foundation is set to provide more than 4 000 litres of hand sanitiser and 400 reusable pairs of face masks and goggles. This would benefit healthcare workers with regards to the safety of their own health, and the safety of various patients, as they continuously engage with Covid-19 effects.


The Kolisi Foundation was supposed to launch at some stage during the course of 2020, however, Kolisi believes that it is necessary to fast track the production of the foundation as the nation continues to react and take action against the global Covid-19 pandemic.


“Whilst the Kolisi Foundation was months from launching with different projects in mind, we couldn’t ignore the seriousness of Covid-19 so began to focus our energy and resources on supporting our frontline workers – supplying sanitisers and reusable masks,” – Siya Kolisi


Many individuals and organisations have taken to social media and various platforms to help facilitate any form of aid against the virus. Kolisi is one of many sports stars to get involved with the initiative of donating medical equipment and wealth to medical institutions. Other notable donations include AC Milan’s $284 000 donation for relief efforts to tackle the virus in Italy, as well as Inter Milan and Suning International’s efforts to provide 300 000 face masks to Italian Civil Protection services.


“But we can’t leave everything to the government. We all have a role to play. For some of us, that is to stay at home right now, and for some of us, we can do a bit more than that. That is to offer resources and help out any way we can.” – Siya Kolisi


A difficult challenge that South Africa faces with Covid-19 discourse, is the spread of the virus in areas where medical aid is not substantial enough to combat the virus on a larger scale. Thus, Kolisi believes that a vital effort to provide resources for underprivileged areas is a must.


The pandemic continues to gain momentum but the future of the curb is in the hands of the people. The Springbok and Stormers captain urges the people of South Africa to adopt a national mind-set; “it’s people getting behind South Africa and getting behind those who can’t help themselves. This is not one man’s battle. It has no race; it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, it affects everybody. It’s time for all of us to stand together and show a united front in this time. We’re definitely stronger together.”

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