Survival tips on staying healthy and happy while in lockdown


By Cayla Clement

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 2 of VARSITY News.


During this unprecedented time of being confined to our homes for 21 days to combat the Covid-19 epidemic, it can be difficult to get into a healthy routine while indoors. This article will serve as a survival guide for students to maintain their health (and sanity!) during this critical time.

For ideas on how to stay healthy and happy during lockdown, read the tips below:

  • Practice meditation, yoga, or journaling: Doing mindful activities can relax the mind and give it a break from all the chaos going on, keeping you calm and collected. They can also serve as an outlet for any emotions or stress you’re experiencing.
  • Light exercise: We all want to keep fit, but if your goal is to keep a steady mind, try some light exercises. You can find low-stress exercises that you can do from home on YouTube or Google, or just make an exercise routine up! Stretching, jogging or walking in place or around your garden, or swimming if you’ve got a pool are all low-stress, calming exercises.
  • Take up a calming hobby: Hobbies like painting, drawing, playing music, singing, knitting or gardening are all very relaxing- you get to learn a new skill or improve on old ones as well! Even working on your makeup skills or trying to solve a Rubiks cube or puzzle can be relaxing and productive.
  • Drink healthy drinks: Hot beverages such as chamomile, peppermint, herbal, or just plain rooibos tea can help you unwind and calm down during the day. Besides the calming effects these drinks offer, there are a myriad of physical health benefits that come along with them. Make sure to drink lots of water, at least 8 glasses a day, and try to include lemon juice and honey where possible as it is proven to strengthen your immune system, reduce inflammation, and ease sore throats.
  • Take a warm bath (or, treat yourself to a spa day): Taking warm baths or showers is a proven way to relax your body and make you feel clean, pampered and at ease. If you would like to treat yourself to an at home spa day, take a bath, put on a face or hair mask, moisturise with your favorite lotion, try a different hairstyle or do your nails. All of these activities will do nothing but make you happy, and if you’ve been neglecting your skincare routine, now is the perfect time to start implementing one.
  • Eat healthy foods: Although it’s tempting to dip into your snack drawer while in “hibernation”, reach for healthy foods such as lean meats and fish, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and including foods high in Vitamin C, like lemons and oranges, to keep your immune system strong. Some people may opt for vitamins or dissolvable tablets like Corenza-C that claim to keep you healthy and boost your immune system.
  • Get enough sleep: Getting 8 hours of sleep is very important for your overall mental and physical health. Try to keep to your normal routine and wake up at the same time every day so you don’t shock your system when it’s time to go back to class.
  • Keep busy: Whether it’s working on assignments, catching up on your favorite book or series, be sure to keep busy and productive during this time in order to reduce stress and boredom, which can lead to one feeling “blue” or lacking motivation.

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