What to watch and listen to during lockdown

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By Motsi Macheka

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 2 of VARSITY News.



As the country is in the midst of a nationwide lockdown, it is human nature to feel bored or trapped during this period. Here are some recommendations to keep you busy and entertained during this stressful time:



Contagion: This film demonstrates a worldwide pandemic and the effects of a virus similar to Covid-19. Through this film, we are able to see how important it is to practice self-isolation and social distancing during this time.


Rocketman: This biopic following the life of Elton John is the ultimate feel good movie and creates a sense of nostalgia for both old and young. After all, who doesn’t love a good musical?



Tiger King: This Netflix documentary, following the lives of the bizarre world of cat breeding, is nothing short of crazy and provides the ultimate social distancing distraction.


Money Heist: This Spanish crime series just released its newest season on Netflix and is sure to keep viewers on their toes. Featured in the top 10 of shows trending on Netflix, this popular series follows a group of unique criminals on their escapades.



The Daily: During this time, it is especially important to get your news from a reputable source. The Daily is the best news podcast journalism provides that ensures that you are accurately informed on current affairs. Created by The New York Times and hosted by Times political journalist Michael Barbaro, this podcast features interviews with Times journalists and explores current and hard-hitting news topics of the day.


21-Day Meditation Experience: With calming and reflective guided meditations, this podcast is sure to keep us calm during this period of self-isolation. The meditation series focuses on breathwork, mantras and affirmations. Not only will this podcast allow you to carve out the time to breathe and relax but it also offers you a space to gain deep insight into gratitude, love, grace and wholeness. In addition, the show notes include prompts based on the meditation for the day that you could journal on.


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