Acne hacks that will ACTUALLY improve your skin


By Rukaya Mosavel

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With pop culture and social media influences, clear skin has become increasingly popularised and desired. However, the reality is that genetics, bad eating habits, irregular sleep and hormones can alter and effect the condition of your skin. Not to worry- these nonsense-proof hacks will help you achieve a clearer complexion for good.


1) Water 

Yes, I know, you’re rolling your eyes! But can you believe that most people have heard this tip, to drink plenty of water throughout the day, everyday and still do not implement it? Come on! This can be done. Carry a bottle with you and drink as much water as humanly possible. You don’t have to chunk two litres of water in one sitting, that will be both frustrating and bloating, instead, drinking it throughout the day can help detox and cleanse your body. In turn, you will flush away excess chemicals and radicals that eventually build up and cause outbreaks on your face. If you want, you can add a nice piece of lemon, chop up some mint, a cucumber or a strawberry. We go fancy. Drink up, guys!


2) Sunscreen  

Although often ignored in both skincare and beauty routines, sunscreen is a highly useful product to have and use on a regular basis. The harmful sun rays are damaging to our skin. Not only does it age our skin, causing wrinkles and folds, but it increases the severity of scars, pimples and pigmentation.


3) Face exfoliator  

If you have sensitive skin that likes to misbehave by flaring up or burning, this might not be the best tip to heed. But if you’re like me, prone to dry skin and patches (that we don’t deserve tbh), having an exfoliator will definitely aid in removing dead skin cells and promoting cell regrowth. Why is this important? GLOW. The glow up that we all want and need. Glowy, dewy and lush skin can only come about once we’ve gotten rid of all the toxic gunk on our face. Eww, let’s exfoliate!


4) Face wash  

Like duh. Clear skin requires a face wash. But wait- there’s more! It is so vital that you use the correct face wash. One that is not too drying (matte) or glossy. Be well informed about your particular skin type so that you can choose a face wash that works best for you. You may want to go to a dermatologist, and if you’re budget is saying HELL-to-THE-no-NO then do a test yourself. Google, gurl. Often the best face washes are not high end, gold-priced creams and lotions, but a bar of face soap such as Dove. It’s honestly all about experimenting until you find what works best for you.


5) Sleep  

Gurl, I know. Series, movies, social media. There’s so much you can do instead of sleeping. BUT- and this hurts- you will actually deprive your skin and body from relaxation, rebooting and cleansing. Sleep is good for your skin, so be good to it and get a reasonable nights sleep. We don’t want dark circles in 2020, neither do we want wrinkles. We want that glow up we were talking about earlier, so let’s get it!


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