ASTROWORLD comes to Sweaty Sands

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Astroworld brought to life in a video game.


By Manoa Andriamiharisoa

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 4 of VARSITY News.


Live streams and performances by the biggest artists have become trending forms of entertainment for people around the world and a way for performers to stay in touch with their fan base. Travis Scott recently took this to another level by collaborating with Fortnite to deliver a virtual concert on the online videogame’s platform. The show lasted approximately 10 minutes and broke Fortnite’s record audience with 12.3 million players worldwide attending the concert.


The collaboration transformed the video game into ASTROWORLD, the rapper’s critically acclaimed third album that centres around the theme of an amusement park. Fortnite’s developer brought Travis Scott’s ideas to life using remarkable special effects while merging several worlds together: reality, music and video games. Each player watches the concert through the eyes of their avatar and follows a digitalised and gigantic Travis Scott as he performs throughout the land of Fortnite, while showing his viewers the different aspects of ASTROWORLD. The theme of the album was indeed the artist’s focus since the whole experience is like a rollercoaster ride into the game’s different realms which were personalised for Scott’s show.


Virtual concerts like this one allow the music industry to demonstrate its flexibility; to promote its artists using unconventional methods; and to continue providing entertainment to viewers at home. By using platforms like video games to deliver concerts, not only are industries collaborating with one another but in some way it overcomes regulations like that of social distancing. Despite being confined to one area, the collaboration between Travis Scott and Fortnite gives players the opportunity to experience a unique concert while roaming the virtual world of Fortnite and ASTROWORLD. By showing the ubiquitous presence of technology in our lives (even in areas of entertainment), this collaboration indicates another step forward in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.



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