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Why social media is obsessed with wholesome content.


By Reabetswe Khutsoane

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 4 of VARSITY News.


From kind gestures to the unhindered happiness of a baby, wholesome content has taken social media by storm. Instead of social media being a place of judgment and negativity, this wholesome culture brings out the positivity that social media can carry.


With people being confined to their homes, and news agencies keeping us up to date with everything Covid-19, wholesome content could not have had better timing. More people are online than ever before and this content somehow keeps us together while we are separated.


The wholesome posts range from being relatable, to showcasing the selflessness and compassion that people have. Whether we smile or bubble over with laughter, these posts provide the slightest and necessary distraction from the Covid-19 cloud that stays looming over us. They also highlight the small aspects of human nature that we might have forgotten.


Wholesome culture takes the focus away from the typical “perfect” lives showcased on social media and highlights the raw, genuine nature we possess as humanity. It creates a platform that allows us to appreciate the small gestures, the simplest sources of happiness and the beauty of being human.


Humans are social beings and social media platforms allow us to stay connected, wherever we are in the world. They give us the power to share our lives with each other and to some extent, create bonds with people on the other side of the screen. These platforms have communities within them that are all part of the larger collective and the culture that it carries is the culture we choose to propagate.


“You never know what you’ve got until its gone.” This cliché saying that we’ve come across countless times still holds true in this moment. With us not being able to interact socially, we’re starting to value the times we neglected the intrinsic aspects of being human.


In this new world we find ourselves adapting to wholesome culture as it provides a sense of hope. Hope that the pandemic will be a part of history and that we will be back at a world where we can cherish the moments of our humanity.



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