Inspiring Books for Self-Care and Self-Improvement

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How to adopt a positive mindset and eat well to achieve your goals.


By Chloe Kingdom


Life as we know it has changed because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Many of us are struggling to adapt our routines to our home environment. As a result, there is a need to focus on creating a positive mindset and eating well to help us achieve our daily tasks and goals. These three books can help you practise self-care and self-improvement in a few different ways:


The Anxiety Cure: Live a Life Free from Panic by Klaus Bernhardt

Anxiety disorders are attributed to a perceived lack of control over parts of our lives. One way to eliminate undue stress in this time of transition, is to practise thinking techniques that increase our positive mental state. Klaus Bernhardt is a psychotherapist who uses neuroscientific research to develop new ways to combat anxiety in The Anxiety Cure. A variety of therapy approaches are explained, including cognitive-behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy, and positive psychology.

This book is a helpful source for psychological, evidence-based techniques that work to reduce a person’s anxiety levels and improve the quality of their life. Four stars.


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The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle

Innumerable books, online teachings, and practices are dedicated towards the topic of slowing down and appreciating our lives. Eckhart Tolle is a revered, spiritual teacher who commits to providing the world with his guide towards spiritual enlightenment in The Power of Now. Tolle shares readers with his philosophy of being in the “Now,” by identifying the human unconsciousness and the pain that is derived from it, and by aiming to strive towards the human consciousness where we can discover the grounding truth of our own reality. With over two million copies sold, many people have found these principles to be invaluable in their journey towards a personal truth or spirituality.

This book is a timeless teaching on self-reflection, awareness, and personal growth. Four stars.


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How Not to Die by Dr Michael Greger

World-renowned clinical nutritionist and general practitioner, Dr Michael Greger has a global following for his evidence-based review of the plant-based diet. His most popular book—The New York Times best-seller­­—How Not to Die, enlightens the reader on ways to eat a rich and nutritionally-balanced diet to enhance daily functioning. Significantly, Dr Greger claims that a focus on these foods in your diet will reduce the risk of developing 15 health-related conditions that lead to premature death, including heart, lung, and brain diseases.

Self-improvement takes shape in many forms and what we put into our body forms a large part of how we feel about ourselves. The science of nutrition provides us with the means to make informed decisions about how best to take care of our physical and mental health in a holistic manner. How Not to Die helps us to do this using new ideas and updated science. Five stars.


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All books can be found online or in stores at major bookstore retailers, such as Exclusive Books and Reader’s Warehouse.


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