The benefits of meditation and why you should meditate regularly


By Rukaya Mosavel

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 5 of VARSITY News.


Meditation has seen an increase in online popularity and practice. Though this ancient Indian practice has deep roots in spiritualism and discipline. Meditation is a technique that uses the body and mind as a tool of contemplation, relaxation and mindfulness.


This state is believed to bring about calmness, tranquility, peace and spiritual alignment. Meditation can be done for calming anxiety, reducing stress or for spiritualism and connection. Over time, meditation is proven to bring better mental clarity, physical relief and concentration. Here are two ways that you can practice meditation:


Mindfulness meditation:

1) Find a comfortable sitting place free of noise and distractions.

2) Get comfortable in a cross-legged position with your back up straight.

3) Now focus your attention on your breathing. Pay attention to the sound and sensation of your inhalation and exhalation.

4) Try not to label, judge or change your breath or breathing. Simply observe your breathing sensations.

5) Notice any other thoughts or feelings that come to mind as a distraction. Try to push them away by focusing your attention back to your breathing.

6) Continue doing this for a couple of minutes until you feel relaxed and mentally focused. Repeat this for as many times as you want.


Meditation for Anxiety:

1) Sit down in a comfortable chair, or on a mat on the floor. Try to cross your legs if you can, or sit on your knees.

2) Place your hands on your knees and try to ground yourself by stroking your legs and focusing on the sensation of this.

3) Take a deep breathe in for five seconds and release for seven seconds.

4) Try to clear your mind by focusing on a place or person that makes you happy and at ease.

5) Continue breathing in for five seconds and release for seven seconds. Do this for about three more times.

6) If your mind starts to wonder, do the exercise a couple more times.


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