Where you can experience snowfall in SA this winter

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By Laylaa Edross

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 7 of VARSITY News.


Snow is not a common occurrence in the Western Cape, especially within our cities, but some towns on the outskirts experience this magical phenomenon. Areas such as Ceres and the Drakensburg are experiencing a heavier snowfall than previous years.


Extensive snowfall alongside high-lying areas is anticipated from the Western Cape to the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Free State and Lesotho. The Western Cape is in for colder, icier weather and forecasters have even forecasted a snowstorm, this explains the cold front that is making its way to the region.


“There have been confirmed snowfalls over Sutherland area and there is some snow on the top of the mountains of the Western Cape,” South African Weather Service (SAWS) forecaster Henning Grobler told News24.


Sutherland, Matroosberg and Swartberg Pass is in for some heavy snowfall, and snow will be most prevalent in these areas, within the Western Cape. Here are the best places to see snow in the Western Cape:


  1. Tulbaghis the closest to Cape Town, with just over an hour drive away. Chockfull with quaint Cape Dutch farmsteads and slipped between mountains, this town is turned into a winter wonderland during winter season.


  1. Ceres is further away, just over a two-hour drive, but the home of South African Ski club. This reserve is located outside the picturesque town and is perfect for snowman building, snowball fights, skiing, and snowboarding. It’s also the second highest peak in the province.


  1. Also, around two hours away, is the Cederberg. Here, winter boasts beautiful blue skies and snow-topped mountains. The region’s highest peak, Sneeuberg, always has a dusting of snow decorating it during winter.


  1. Two and a half hours away, in luscious green pastures and a renowned wine valley which stretches between Worcester and Robertson, this region often boats snow-capped mountains in winter. Sip on the finest wine while enjoying magnificent views of the snow.
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