Introducing The Info.Session, a student talk show


By Tiyani Rikhotso

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 8 of VARSITY News.


The Info.Session is a Varsity Talk Show which was created and is directed by Xolani Khumalo, a
Performing Arts of Technology graduate. The show was started in 2018 and is centered around
student lifestyle. It aims to encourage, uplift and inform the youth by featuring students, lecturers,
deans and aspiring artists from all tertiary institutions in South Africa. They also collaborate with
high schools.


The Info.Session contributes to the national effort of improving the quality of and access to digital
education and information. Their aim is to create an informative and entertaining platform for youth covering every aspect of student life from academics, current affairs, exams, tests, research,
assignment tips and sports.


The Info.Session is also a platform for creativity, networking and collaboration for small businesses
that are founded by students. “We are deeply passionate about enabling students to realise their
worth and dreams,” shares Khumalo. In addition, it is a developmental organisation that always has
student jobs open. They offer positions in script writing, filming, editing, performing arts and
technology, social media influencing, content producing, photography, and makeup. “Everyone is
welcome to work for us,” emphasised Khumalo. “We have made this easier by offering part-time and full-time positions for students” he added. However, these job opportunities are only available to official students from local tertiary institutions.


Founder Xolani Khumalo shares some benefits of participating in Varsity Talk Show that support the healthy growth of students:
1. Reduce stress levels, anxiety and behavioral problems
2. Digital education exposes students to new trends and research in technology while
encouraging independent thought
3. Students are given the chance to participate in film production houses and there are TV and
theatre tours that expose them to life in the industry
4. The Varsity Talk Show exposes high school pupils to tertiary life, how to apply, knowledge
about different courses and also exposes students to other cultures and backgrounds
5. Students gain skills such as team building, problem solving, time management and learning
to achieve key objectives. In addition, technical skills are developed related to technological
TV knowledge, YouTube, video production, video editing and communication.


To find out more, contact:
Instagram: @theinfo.session_za
Facebook: The Info.Session Productions Twitter: @ShowVts
WhatsApp: 072 361 1507


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